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His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas has announced his administration’s palliative plans to cushion the harsh effects of the removal of fuel subsidy.

The Governor made the announcement on Wednesday (9/8/2023) while addressing labour leaders in Jalingo, stressing that compassion and the need to use creative means to change the lives of people is the motivation for palliatives.

This was contained in a post compiled by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Digital Communications, Hon. Emmanuel Bello.

The governor’s aide said that Taraba residents went wild with jubilation minutes after Governor Agbu Kefas announced major palliatives plans on Wednesday.

He said that the governor assured that the state government will promptly implement the Federal Government approved minimum wage in October.

That also contained in the 10 point plan, is the transportation subsidy to farmers to enable them move their products from the farms to the markets. The governor said the move was to deal with the crisis of food shortage.

That the governor announced that farmers will be able to access free seedlings and fertilizers to enhance better yields.

That the governor announced that ten thousand youths will be engaged as part of the task force to clean up Taraba state. They would be paid N15,000 each month.

The governor’s aide affirmed that the government will purchase gas powered vehicles to reduce reliance on fuel.

That on new energy, the governor announced further that the ministry of digital economy will find creative means to transform waste to wealth.

In summary, the Governor’s palliative care initiative will be implemented to cushion the harsh effects of the removal of fuel subsidy under the following;
1. Public Transportation and Food Subsidy
2. Skill Development and Job Creation
3. Social Support Networks and Targeted Support Programs
4. Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Promotion
5. Agricultural Support and Food Security
6. Environmental Conservation and Green Initiatives
7. Implementation of Minimum Wage
8. Partnerships and Resource Mobilization
9. Operation Clean Taraba and Waste Management
10. Constitution of the Palliative Care Committee