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Gov. Agbu Kefas, Two Commissioners visits German Firm, CUTEC E & E LTD in Abuja.

Gov. Agbu Kefas, Two Commissioners visits German Firm, CUTEC E & E LTD in Abuja.

In a bid to tackle pressing environmental challenges, the Executive Governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas, led a high-level delegation to a crucial meeting in Abuja. The Governor was accompanied by Hajiya Aishatu Barde, Commissioner of Environment and Climate Change, and Hon. Shonzen Bernard, Commissioner of Waste Management and Innovation.

The delegation convened with representatives of German CUTEC E & E LTD, a renowned environmental solutions company. Also present at the meeting were Ms. Anne Dirkling, the Country Manager, and Prof. Onyeche Theodore, Director of International Operations and the German Government’s representative at the European Commission on Environment.

The discussions, held against the backdrop of mounting global environmental concerns, centered on multifaceted issues encompassing Climate Change, Waste Management, and the facilitation of Carbon Credit Schemes by the German Government and the European Union.

During the meeting, the parties engaged in extensive deliberations, seeking effective strategies to address the adverse impacts of Climate Change and enhance Waste Management and Treatment methods. The partnership between the Nigerian state government and the German firm signifies a progressive step towards ameliorating these critical issues that affect both nations and the global community at large.

Dr. Agbu Kefas, speaking on behalf of his state’s administration, stressed the significance of international collaboration in combatting environmental challenges. “We are committed to adopting sustainable solutions that will safeguard our environment for present and future generations. This partnership with German CUTEC E & E LTD is a testament to our dedication to these principles,” Governor Kefas stated.

The presence of Ms. Anne Dirkling, the Country Manager of German CUTEC E & E LTD, underscored the company’s commitment to fostering cooperation in environmental conservation.

Prof. Onyeche Theodore, representing the German Government at the European Commission on Environment, emphasized the significance of such collaborations in the global fight against environmental degradation.

The meeting culminated in a commitment to explore joint initiatives aimed at mitigating Climate Change, optimizing Waste Management practices, and facilitating access to Carbon Credit Schemes. This collaboration signifies a crucial step towards a greener future and underscores the role of international partnerships in achieving global environmental objectives.