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Apart from doomsday naysayers, no Taraba state citizen is left in doubt about the honesty and leadership of Governor Agbu Kefas. Even the opposition is in total agreement that Dr. Agbu Kefas can be trusted with the future of Taraba, especially its fiscal fortunes. The determination to usher in a new era has never been this clearer in our history.

That is why we view with some comical astonishment when a faceless writer actually penned a petition on the loans the administration of Dr Kefas recently solicited.

For the records, it is doubtful if the writer of that petition is even educated enough to comprehend the intricate process and nuances of loan collections. Why will he be petitioning the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) over loans to be sourced from commercial bank? Can the apex bank block loans that commercial banks seek to give?

In any case, will any bank support request for loans not solidified with collaterals and clear cut repayment plans?

Why indeed should he even query the place of loans in developmental efforts? All experts are of the agreement that loans are alright, especially if they met the purpose for which they are collected. No one is annoyed with loans if they will raise the bar and transform communities. No one is against loans, if they will address pertinent needs and prioritize progress. Loans are actually applauded if they can be accounted for and prudently spent.

Consequently, the Kefas loans (as they are now so called) have been adjudged to be the most vibrant, translucent and laudable in the dispensation of loans. Not just because they went through the right process but also because they are clear and concise in their purpose.

Dr. Kefas is focused on delivering on all his campaign promises, loans or no. Besides, it is only an enemy of Taraba state that can question that determination and singleness of purposes so obviously already demonstrated.