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As states device means to cut down on cost of governance, Governor Agbu Kefas has moved to trim the number of agencies, harmonize functions, while making them more viable.

Already a committee headed by former Secretary to the State Government Chief Obadiah Ando has been mandated to look at how to trim departments and agencies to reduce repetition of duties and unnecessary expenditure. The effort will also reduce confusion of duties and clashes among state actors as far as roles are concerned.

Constituting the body that will be coordinated by the office of the Chief of Staff, Dr. Jeji Williams, Mni, Dr Agbu Kefas asked them to find ways to make MDA’s more responsive to new realities. Proliferation of functions can cripple efficiency, he noted. Some of the agencies would be merged, while new ones may be created.

Relatedly, Gov Kefas is committed to plugging leakages in the system and ensuring that scarce resources are prudently used to better the lives of the state citizenry.
The governor has continue to emphasize reticence and transparency in all government dealings to stave off extravagance in expenditures.