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Dr. Agbu Kefas during his visit to TETFUND Headquarters in Abuja.

Dr. Agbu Kefas during his visit to TETFUND Headquarters in Abuja.

In a profound endorsement of Governor Agbu Kefas’ initiative to provide Free Education and alleviate the impact of subsidy removal, Taraba State Secretary to the Government, Chief Barr. Gebon Timothy Kataps, champions the importance of accessible education. Chief Barr. Kataps asserts that the most impactful palliative a government can offer is the exemption of primary and secondary school fees and a 50% reduction in tuition fees for undergraduates, emphasizing the transformative power of education for individuals and communities alike.

These statements by the Secretary to the Government come amid Governor Kefas’ proactive measures to address the challenges stemming from subsidy removal in Taraba State. Governor Kefas’ commitment to Free Education ensures that quality education is within every child’s reach, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Barr. Gebon Timothy Kataps’ advocacy for free primary and secondary education, coupled with reduced tertiary tuition fees, aligns seamlessly with Governor Kefas’ vision. Both leaders recognize education as an indispensable tool for development and progress, believing that by making it more accessible and affordable, the government can significantly improve the lives of its citizens.

This initiative serves as a buffer against the effects of subsidy removal, safeguarding Taraba State’s residents from the burden of excessive educational costs. Furthermore, it underscores the government’s dedication to prioritize education and invest in the state’s future by empowering its youth.

With the resounding endorsement of the Secretary to the Government, Governor Agbu Kefas’ Free Education and Palliatives program gains further validation. The state government’s unwavering commitment to quality education and financial relief for families reflects their dedication to the welfare and progress of Taraba State.

As these initiatives progress, the expectation is that more students will seize the opportunity to access education, equipping them with the skills needed for success. Additionally, reduced tuition fees for tertiary education will make higher learning more attainable and encourage more individuals to pursue advanced degrees.

The joint efforts of the governor and state officials like Barr. Gebon Timothy Kataps underscore their dedication to the advancement of Taraba State. By investing in education, they address not only the immediate challenges posed by the federal government’s subsidy removal but also lay a robust foundation for the state’s future growth and prosperity.