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In a remarkable move towards transforming the agricultural landscape of Taraba State and bolstering national food security, the administration of Dr. Agbu Kefas is set to roll out an ambitious tractorization policy. This groundbreaking initiative aims to revitalize the agricultural sector and combat hunger, not only within Taraba but across the entire nation, signaling a new era of prosperity for the state and the country at large.

Dr. Kefas envisions Taraba State becoming a leading contributor to the nation’s food supply, leveraging its expansive arable land, dedicated farming community, and unwavering commitment from the governor himself.

A long-anticipated collaboration with the Czech Republic, which had been in the works since Dr. Kefas’s tenure as the PDP Chairman, is now on the verge of becoming a reality. The tractor revolution, originally slated to commence during the previous administration, encountered various hurdles that postponed its implementation.

Reflecting on the current state of agriculture in Taraba, Dr. Kefas expressed his dismay at the predominantly subsistence and manual farming practices prevalent in the state. The Tractor Hiring Unit had existed in name only, and the state, often referred to as “Nature’s Gift to the Nation,” was operating at a rudimentary level in terms of agricultural mechanization.

Now, with Dr. Kefas at the helm, one of his first actions was to resurrect the Czech Republic agreement. An important Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed, and today, a high-powered delegation from Taraba State, led by the Speaker of the House of Assembly, is currently in the Czech capital to finalize the acquisition of these essential tractors.

In addition to procuring these modern farming implements, Taraba State will also gain access to the expertise of Czech engineers who will provide training to young people, equipping them with the skills needed to effectively manage these tractors. This multifaceted approach is expected to not only boost agricultural productivity but also create opportunities for the youth in the state, ultimately contributing to economic growth and food security for the nation.

With the tractorization policy on the horizon, Taraba State is poised to become a key player in Nigeria’s journey towards achieving self-sufficiency in food production. Dr. Agbu Kefas’s visionary leadership is set to transform the agricultural landscape, ushering in a new era of prosperity and abundance for the people of Taraba and the entire nation.