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In a resolute stand against the rising threats of kidnapping and banditry in Taraba State, His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas asserted his unwavering commitment to restoring peace, security, and prosperity to the region. During a pivotal meeting with the Executives of CAN and the Muslim Council in the Exco Chamber at Government House Jalingo, the Governor passionately addressed the urgent need to tackle these criminal activities head-on.

Expressing his profound concern for the persistent menace plaguing the state, Dr. Agbu Kefas labeled these acts as a direct threat to the well-being and stability of Taraba. He lamented the recent surge in criminal incidents, particularly in the state capital, Jalingo, which has left citizens living in constant fear and distress.

The Governor left no room for ambiguity, asserting that such brazen disregard for human life and societal harmony would no longer be tolerated. He offered assurance that law enforcement agencies were fully mobilized in the battle against this scourge, and he implored every citizen to rally behind these efforts.

Dr. Agbu Kefas issued a compelling call to action, urging community leaders, religious institutions, and responsible members of society to unite with the government in confronting these audacious criminals operating with impunity within the state. He emphasized the critical importance of sharing information about suspected individuals with security forces, thereby becoming proactive participants in the fight against crime.

Additionally, the Governor advocated for a culture of positive living, emphasizing the need to discontinue any form of association with criminals. He vowed to relentlessly pursue justice for every victim and pledged to reinforce security measures, ensuring that the full weight of the law is applied to perpetrators.

In response to the Governor’s resolute stance, the Vice Chairman of CAN in the state, Bishop Isaac Philip, and Galadima Muri Alhaji Abba Tukur expressed their support and commitment to the collective effort to restore peace and security in Taraba State.