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In a notable diplomatic move, Governor Agbu Kefas paid a courtesy visit to the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) in Kaduna. Accompanied by Barrister Zainab Usman Jalingo, Commissioner of Information and Re-orientation, and Commissioner of Finance, Sarah Enoch, the visit aimed to reinforce connections between the state government and the NDA.

Maj. General J.O. Ochai, the Commandant of the NDA, welcomed Governor Kefas and his delegation in his office. During the meeting, Maj. General Ochai commended the Governor’s achievements in Taraba State, recognizing him as a source of pride for the NDA. “Governor Kefas is one of our own,” said Maj. General Ochai, “and we are pleased to see his notable accomplishments.”

In response, Governor Kefas expressed his gratitude and reaffirmed his allegiance to the NDA. “I’m here to reiterate my loyalty to the institution that has had a profound impact on my life,” Governor Kefas stated. “The NDA has played a vital role in my personal and professional development. I am honored to be associated with this esteemed institution and appreciate the continuous support I have received.”

This visit further reinforce the importance of maintaining strong ties between state governments and institutions dedicated to national development and security. Governor Kefas’ commitment to excellence and the values instilled during his time at the NDA are evident in this diplomatic outreach.

As the visit concluded, warm exchanges and smiles characterized the interaction between the delegation and NDA personnel, emphasizing the enduring connection between Governor Kefas and his alma mater. This event highlights the role such institutions play in shaping future leaders and fostering national progress.