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Her Excellency, the First Lady of Taraba State Mrs. Agyin Kefas, shares her diplomatic insights from her enlightening visit to the United States, where she engaged in a series of diplomatic events, fostering collaboration and unity on the global stage.

Her journey commenced with her participation in the 2023 United Nations General Assembly, held at the heart of global diplomacy in New York City. The First Lady joined a gathering of brilliant minds and visionary leaders, engaging in discussions on critical global issues that shape our world. The atmosphere was marked by a spirit of cooperation and understanding that left a lasting impression.

In a demonstration of her commitment to economic progress and innovation, the First Lady also took part in the Nigeria Economic Growth and Trade Summit, where she was joined by fellow state governors’ wives and the esteemed First Lady of Nigeria, Oluremi Tinubu. Together, they explored avenues for economic advancement, innovation, and international partnerships, laying a solid foundation for a prosperous Nigeria.

Furthermore, the First Lady actively participated in the celebration of the 2023 United Nations Day, a day dedicated to promoting peace and unity on a global scale. In a world frequently confronted by challenges, this occasion served as a poignant reminder of the importance of harmony and unity among nations, highlighting our collective responsibility to work towards a peaceful future.

One of the most cherished moments during her visit was the celebration of Her Excellency, the First Lady of Nigeria. Surrounded by exceptional women, including the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and fellow state governors’ wives, they shared in the joy of sisterhood and collaboration. These inspiring women collectively stand as agents of change, fostering understanding, and shaping a future where compassion and cooperation are paramount.

The First Lady of Taraba State expressed her gratitude for the unwavering support and encouragement received during her visit. She emphasized the importance of continuing this journey together, united in their vision for a harmonious world and a thriving Nigeria.

Her visit to the United States has undoubtedly contributed to strengthening diplomatic ties and promoting global cooperation, reaffirming the significance of state leaders in fostering international unity and progress.