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In a proactive move to alleviate the potential impact of subsidy removal on essential commodities, H.E Dr. Agbu Kefas’ new initiative known as the “Kefas Palliative Market” is set to become a hub where goods will be available at subsidized prices for the benefit of Tarabans.

Governor Kefas carried out a site inspection of the market located in Pantinopu, marking a significant step toward its realization.

The commitment of Taraba state to prioritize its citizens is resounding, as the Governor affirmed, “In Taraba, we will always put our People at the forefront of anything we do.”

The Kefas Palliative Market initiative reflects this dedication to the well-being of the community, aiming to provide relief during challenging times, such as the recent subsidy removal.

This market promises to be a lifeline for Tarabans, ensuring access to affordable essential goods when they need it most.