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In a significant development at the Naval Headquarters in Abuja, His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas expressed his eagerness to forge a partnership with the Nigeria Navy to bolster security measures in Taraba State, particularly in the riverine areas. The Governor’s visit was marked by a heartfelt reunion with his Navy associates, including his course mate from the 42nd regular course at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA).

Emphasizing the importance of securing Taraba’s riverine regions, which share borders with neighboring states and Cameroon in the south, the Governor articulated, “Taraba’s extensive riverine areas are of utmost concern. We are here to request your invaluable support and collaboration to ensure the safety of our people and their property. Security is a matter of national importance, and we believe the Nigeria Navy can provide the necessary assistance.”

In response, the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, expressed gratitude for the Governor’s visit and pledged to establish a dedicated committee in coordination with the Taraba State Government to assess the areas in question. Notably, Governor Agbu Kefas, a member of the 42nd regular course, will head this committee.

The Naval Chief further affirmed the Nigeria Navy’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the region.

The Governor’s delegation included prominent figures such as Speaker Taraba State House of Assembly Hon Kizito Bonezena Senators Haruna Manu and Jimkuta, as well as Representatives Hon. Lauya, Hon Jafaru Ciroma and Hon. Mark Useni. Additionally, Barrister Zainab Usman, the Commissioner for Information and Reorientation, and the Commissioners for Women Affairs and Transport were part of the esteemed entourage.