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Since the full implementations of the minimum wage policy of the Gov Agbu Kefas administration, the state has been thrown into a frenzy of excitement.

Many beneficiaries, who can not hide their joy, have been expressing their happiness and gratitude. This cuts across the entire state irrespective of tribe or religion. The citizens have continue to hail the governor for his compassion and proactive moves.

A lady who introduced herself as Ladi said God will continue to bless Governor Kefas. She noted that the increase have revolutionized her purchasing power and has given her a new lease of life.
She said, “now I can afford to buy what I couldn’t before. The former administration really left us in penury. What this governor has just done is beyond word. I’m speechless but I’m still talking. Our lives have changed.”

It would be recalled that Kefas recently gave a marching order that he wants the minimum wage implemented. He had vowed to deal with anyone slowing the process through unnecessary bureaucracy.

The eventual payment was met with great appreciation by the civil force. A young man who gave his name as Rufai said the new salary structure has helped in dealing with the hardship the fuel subsidy removal had caused. “It is a huge relief”, he said, adding that “I now feel a sense of pride as a worker because my take home income can actually take me home now.”

A cleric who spoke in anonymity said Governor Kefas has demonstrated that he belongs to all. He said, “this increment has showcased him as a true leader because leadership is all about meeting the need of the people. We really commend him for the bold initiative aimed at the common man. This has increase our love for him and we are going to support him to succeed.”

A widow who gave her name as Grace said the salary upgrade is for her and her constituency. She noted that struggling to bring up her children have been a herculean task but the increments has lessen her burden.

For Asabe who lives in Jalingo, the increments mean that her Christmas would be glorious. She said, “with this change I can do all my Christmas purchases so me and my family will have a good time.”

Governor Kefas had, during the campaigns, said his mission was to change the narratives and bring happiness to the people of the state. Workers welfare is central to this and the governor is clearly committed to that promise.