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Brand new Utility vehicles for State Executive Council Members.

Brand new Utility vehicles for State Executive Council Members.

In a demonstration of his commitment to efficient governance and effective leadership, His Excellency Dr Agbu Kefas, following the upcoming local government elections for Chairmanship and Councilor positions, distributed official utility vehicles to all members of the State Executive Council. The goal of this gesture is to enhance the commissioners’ mobility and thereby contribute to the realization of the state’s Morning Forward agenda.

The commissioners expressed their profound gratitude and appreciation for the governor’s initiative. Chief Barr Gebon Timothy Kataps, the Secretary to the Government of the State, lauded the governor’s gesture, stating that it “indeed reinforces his dedication to delivering good governance and visionary leadership.” He urged the commissioners to view the vehicles as more than mere mode of transportation, but rather as tools for a call to duty and a high sense of responsibility.

Furthermore, Chief Barr Gebon Timothy Kataps emphasized the need for the commissioners to prioritize the maintenance and care of these vehicles. Alongside their day-to-day duties, the chief urged the commissioners to ensure the vehicles are well-preserved, highlighting the importance of treating them not as personal possessions but as vital elements of the government’s infrastructure.

This distribution of official utility vehicles to the State Executive Council marks a significant step towards improving the effectiveness of the government, as it empowers its members with the necessary means for efficient operations. With enhanced mobility, the commissioners can better serve their respective communities and contribute to realizing the state’s developmental aspirations.

Governor Kefas’ commitment to good governance and visionary leadership shines through this latest initiative, as he seeks to provide his team with the tools they need to navigate the challenges ahead. Through this act of generosity, the governor expects his commissioners to play an even more impactful role in driving progress and prosperity for the state.

– Elizabeth Jesse.