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In a demonstration of unwavering commitment to media excellence, the Honourable Commissioner of Information and Re-orientation, Barr. Zainab Usman Jalingo welcomed participants to a crucial training session aimed at enhancing the skills of broadcast journalists in the state.

Recognizing the pivotal role of media in society, the commissioner stressed the need for regular training sessions to keep media professionals abreast of industry changes.

For an extended period, broadcast journalists in the state have faced a training gap, impacting their productivity. The current initiative seeks to address this shortfall, providing journalists with the knowledge necessary for optimal performance in their daily practices.

She highlighted the importance of understanding evolving industry trends, such as the shift from analogue to digital broadcasting and the rise of user-generated content. Emphasizing adherence to the “Nigeria Broadcasting Code,” set by stakeholders in the industry, the governor approved funds for this critical training.

The “Nigeria Broadcasting Code,” a document governed by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), plays a crucial role in guiding broadcasters. The training is a deliberate effort under Governor Kefas’s “MOVING FORWARD” agenda to ensure quality broadcasting. The governor believes that effective communication of government policies and programs hinges on the broadcast media’s flexibility and extensive reach.

Expressing optimism, Barr. Zainab expects the training not only to enhance professionalism among broadcast journalists but also to mitigate issues related to breaches of the broadcasting code. Such breaches often lead to substantial financial sanctions imposed by the NBC.

Addressing the participants, the commissioner urged them to give their full attention to the series of lectures and presentations scheduled for the training. With the official declaration, Barr. Zainab Usman Jalingo signaled the commencement of this pivotal workshop, marking a significant stride toward a more proficient and compliant broadcast media sector.