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– Emmanuel Bello

Governor Agbu Kefas is clearly on the threshold of history in local governments administration. With some of the most trusted hands in local politics voted in last Saturday as chairmen, Dr Kefas is now focused on literally rolling in the tanks on the grassroots. “My dream is to give the people what they want not just what we want”, he said.

During the new chairmen swearing in Monday, Gov Kefas did not leave anyone in doubts on this new direction at the local levels. He told his audience that local government administration is the fulcrum of development. He repeated the oft repeated axiom that all politics is local. He rightly noted that if developments does not sink to the wards and the units levels, governance have failed. Kefas also said a successful local government regime will translate into over all development of the state. “I believe that the nation is where it is today because local government administration has failed. We need to inject life and energy back to the government closest to the people”, he said.

Invariably, that’s the new kind of local government Dr Kefas is envisioning for Taraba state. One that is alive and responsive to the yearnings of the local populace. Not the comatose entities the local councils have now become with chairmen treated as common appointed aides. Kefas said, “I want my chairmen to be like semi governors in their own local governments, taking full charge. I don’t subscribe to a weakened system that has turned chairmen into chair boys.”

Consequently, the governor’s plan is to make the LGAs viable, effective and very modern. To do this effectively, Gov Kefas plans to deploy not just the resources needed but the right technologies. He urged the newly sworn chairmen to leverage on technology in monitoring IGR and other growth indices.

With greater funding comes greater responsibilities. Kefas believes that a well equipped chairmen body will have no excuse but to deliver. Meanwhile, the governor, from today, will unleash a training program on the chairmen to start them off on the path of the reorientatation they all require. Old mindset and a tendency to be slothful would be dealth with at the retreat. Indeed, the local governments are set to jerk back to life.