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The First Lady of Taraba State, Mrs. Agyin Kefas has reiterated the importance of early diagnosis, disease awareness, and timely medical checks in combating the menace of cancer. Mrs. Kefas emphasized the need to spread awareness about cancer risks while dispelling the notion that it is invariably a death sentence.

She underscored the pivotal role of early detection in effectively tackling cancer, stressing the necessity for collaborative efforts among stakeholders to enhance education and awareness, particularly in rural areas. She emphasized that through proactive measures and community engagement, the impact of cancer can be mitigated.

Highlighting the significance of healthy living, Mrs. Kefas emphasized the role of dietary discipline and lifestyle choices in cancer prevention. She urged individuals to adopt healthy eating habits and prioritize overall wellness to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

World Cancer Day serves as a global platform to raise awareness and mobilize action against cancer. The day encourages individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide to unite in the fight against all forms of cancer, emphasizing prevention, early detection, treatment, and support for those affected by the disease.

Mrs. Agyin Kefas’s advocacy underscores Taraba State’s commitment to addressing the challenges posed by cancer and promoting public health initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of its citizens. As the world comes together to confront the scourge of cancer, Mrs. Kefas’s call for proactive measures and healthy lifestyle choices resonates as a beacon of hope and resilience in the fight against this formidable adversary.