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About this Page

This Page highlights some of the many tourist attraction sites available in the State.

Some Historical and Attractive Sites

Taraba State ranks as one of the pace-setters in the field of Tourism. Below are some very historical and attractive places for tourists both within the country and globally.

  1. The temperate climate of the famous Mambilla Plateau Gembu, Sardauna L.G.A.
  2. Barup Waterfalls – Gembu, Sardauna L.G.A.
  3. Kakara Tea Plantation and Factory- Gembu Sardauna L.G.A.
  4. Tunga Dam (Man-made) – Gembu, Sardauna L.G.A.
  5. Gashaka Gumti National Park- Serti, Gashaka L.G.A.
  6. Kashimbila Dam (Man –Made)-Takum, Takum L.G.A.
  7. Rock formations at Fikyu-Ussa L.G.A.
  8. Rock formations at Kpambo-Ussa L.G.A.
  9. Marmara Crocodile Pond Wukari, Wukari L.G.A.
  10. Highest Point in Nigeria at Chappal Wadi (Mountain of Death)-Gembu, Sardauna L.G.A.
  11. Nwonyo Fishing and Cultural Festival-Ibi, Ibi L.G.A.
  12. Pre-Colonial Executive Pit- Ibi, Ibi L.G.A.
  13. Colonial Burial Ground- Ibi, Ibi L.G.A.
  14. Baryte Quary – Ibi, Ibi L.G.A.
  15. Rock formations at Zing –Zing L.G.A.
  16. Rock formations at Bitako-Zing L.G.A.