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Christian Pilgrim Board

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About This Page

This page contains information about the Board, functions/achievements of the Board, Profile of the Executive Secretaries and table showing the list of previous Executive Secretaries.

About the Board

Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board was established on the 27th August 1997.

The Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board is currently headed by Rev. Dr. Isaiah Jirape

Functions of the Board  

  1. To protect the interest and welfare of all pilgrims.
  2. To provide requisite information to intending pilgrims. 
  3. To assist in procuring relevant immigrants requirements. 
  4. To make and arrange accommodation and transportation for pilgrims. 
  5. To do all other acts ha would give the pilgrims the required comfort for the exercise.

Achievements of the Board

  1. Satisfactory service since the inception of the board to date. 
  2. Completion of the permanent site and relocation to it.  Purchase of two Toyota Hilux pick up for the board. 
  3. Initiation and construction of the ongoing pilgrims guest lodge. 
  4. Purchase and installation of 30 KVA Mikano Generator.
  5. Furnishing of all the offices and conference hall. 
  6. Planting of mango and citrus trees in the yard.
  7. Engaging and maintaining of five daily Staff cleaners and a driver for official functions.

Directors of the Board

  • Obida Nuhu (Admin).
  • Danasabe Sinyo (Finance/Audit).
  • Andebutop Mbere (Operation/Mobilization).
The Executive Secretary

Information coming soon.

List of Previous Executive Secretaries

Past Executive Secretaries - Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board

The table consist of the list of Previous Executive Secretaries of the Board.
1.Evang. Gabriel A. Sambo 25th August 2007 - 2015

2.Evang. Bala A. ZehmaNovember 2004 - 24th August 2007
3.Rev. Martin Okan 15th July 1999 -November 2004
4.Rev. Moses Mnkomo
5.Rev. Martin Okan