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Civil Service Commission

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About This Page

This page contains information about the Commission, functions/achievements of the Commission, Profile of the Chairman and table showing the list of previous Chairmen.

About the Commission

The Taraba State Civil Service Commission was established on the 27th of August 1991.

The Commission is currently headed by Chief John Alexander Mamman as the Chairman.

Functions of the Commission

  1. Recruitment and appointment.
  2. Promotion.
  3. Transfer and Secondment.
  4. Discipline.
  5. Training.
  6. Retirements.

Achievements of the Commission

  1. Promotion of the staff of the MDAS.
  2. Discipline.
  3. Transfer of Service.
  4. Secondment.
  5. Retirement.

List of Current Directors

  1. Benjamin Zantimaba DRP.
  2. Bulus Daniel DPRS.
The Chairman
Chairman CSC

Chairman CSC, Chief John Alexander Mamman

The Chairman Civil Service Commission, Chief John Alexander Mamman, was born on the 24th November 1944 and hails from Takum LGA. He is married with eight children.  He likes gardening, reading and poetry.

Chief John Alexander Mamman began his educational pursuit at St Joseph R.C.M Primary School from 1951-1952, he also attended St John’s  RCM Primary and Secondary School Gboko from 1953-1956, where he enrolled into Benue Provincial Secondary Katsina-Ala, between 1957-1959, after which he proceeded to St John’s Collage (RIMI) Kaduna HSC between 1963-1964, later proceeded to Institute of Admin, ABU Zaria between 1966-1969 where he obtained B.A (Hons) in Public Admin.

His Professional achievements include;

Division officer (DO) Makurdi Div. 1969 – 1970.

Senior Div. Officer, Lafia Division. 1970 – 1972.

Senior Division Officer Shandam. 1972.

Senior Inspector NYSC  1/c Benue/Plateau State 1971-1975.

Resident YC of Lafia Division. 1975.

Secretary, Gongola State Housing Corporation. 1971 – 1977

Executive Secretary, Yola  Metropolican Development Board, Gongola.  1972 – 1977.

Permanent Secretary. 1978 – 1984.

His other achievements are;

Construction of Bekaji Housing Estate in Jimeta (letter of commendation from Military General of Gongola State).

Fumigation of Yola-Jimeta by weekly (award from state ministry  of health for reduction of Magari in Yola).

 Member, 2014 National Conference.

Chief Mamman has attended series of workshop as listed below;

ISSEC  Paris Franc e-Budget in government corp. 1980.

Washington DC USA- Management of public companies 1982.

His Political Appointments include;

Caretaker Chairman Takum LGC, 1986-1987.

Director, Nigerian Mining Corporation, 1988-1989.

Chairman, Gongola Investment Company, 1990-1991.

First Chairman, Taraba State Investment Company. 1991-1992.

State Coordinator, NEPAD Taraba. 2014-2016.

Commissioner, Taraba JSC. 2017-2019.

Chairman, Taraba State Civil Service Commission. 2019-Date.

His Publications areas follows;

Motivation in Taraba State Civil Service.

Taraba must develop – A Discuss.

List of Previous Chairmen

Past CSC Chairmen

The table consists of the list of Past Chairmen of the Taraba state Civil Service Commission.
1.Fidelis K. Kaigama 2010 - 2019
2.Mr. Yakubu M. Kaigama

3.A. A Bako
4.Mr. Dauda Kefas Zing
5.Dr. Yusuf Magaji
6.Mr. Anthony Jellason