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Board of Internal Revenue

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About This Page

This page contains information about the Board, functions/achievements of the Board, Profile of the Executive Chairman and table showing the list of previous Executive Chairmen.

About BIR

The Taraba State Board of internal Revenue (BIR) was established in 1991 and is under the Leadership of an Executive Chairman.

Departments in the Board include;

  • Assessment Directorate
  • Road Tax Administration
  • Monitoring and Compliance
  • Collection and Accounting
  • Other taxes
  • Tax Audit and Investment
  • Planning and ICT
  • Administration

Functions of the Board

The functions of the Board include;

  1. Assess all persons chargeable with paying tax in Taraba State.
  2. Collect, recover and pay to the designated account any revenue, tax or levy due to the State Government under this or any other enactment.
  3. Enforce payment of due taxes. In collaboration with the relevant ministries and agencies, review the tax regime and promote the application of tax revenues to stimulate economic activities and development.
    In collaboration with the relevant Law agencies, carry out the examination and investigation of all cases of tax fraud or evasion a view to determining compliance with the provisions of this or any other relevant enactment.
  4. Make from time to time a determination of the extent of financial loss and such other losses by government arising from tax waivers and other related matters.
  5. Adopt measures to identify, trace, freeze, confiscate or seize the proceeds of tax fraud or evasion.
  6. Adopt measures which include compliance enforcement and regulatory actions as well as introduction and maintenance of investigative and control techniques for the detection and prevention of non-compliance.
  7. Collaborate and facilitate rapid exchange of scientific and technical information with relevant national or international agencies, or bodies on tax matters.
  8. Undertake exchange of personnel or other experts with complementary agencies for the purpose of comparative experience and capacity building.
  9. Establish and maintain as system for monitoring international dynamics of taxation in order to identify suspicious transactions and the perpetrators and other persons involved.
  10. Provide and maintain access to up-to-date and adequate data and information on all taxable persons, individual or corporate, for the purpose of efficient, effective and correct tax administration and to prevent tax evasion or fraud.
  11. Maintain data base, statistics, records and reports on persons, organizations, proceeds, properties, documents or other items or assets relating to tax waivers, fraud or evasion.
  12. Undertake research and similar measures a view to stimulating economic development and determining the manifestation, extent, magnitude and effects of tax fraud or evasion and make recommendations to the government on appropriate intervention and preventive measures.
  13. Collate and keep under review all policies of the State government relating to taxation and revenue generation and undertaken a systematic and Implementation of such policies.
  14. Maintain a Liaison with the office of Attorney-General of the State, all government security and law enforcement agencies and such other financial supervisory institutions in the enforcement and eradication of tax related offences.
  15. Issue tax payer identification number to every person taxable in Taraba State.
  16. From time to time specify the form of returns, claims, statements and notices necessary for the due administration of the powers conferred on it by this Law or any other enactment.
  17. Carry out and sustain public awareness and enlightenment campaigns on the benefits of tax compliance with the State.
  18. Carry out such other activities as are necessary for the due administration of the powers conferred on it by this law.

Achievements of the Board

The following are Achievements of the Board;

  1. Able to grow revenue of about 10% growth rate annually.
  2. Procurement and distribution of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles to Zonal and Area offices.
  3. Construction and furnishing of office block at the Board Headquarters.
  4. Construction and furnishing one office block each at Mutum-Biyu and Karim-Lamido area offices.
  5. Well-equipped ICT Unit to boost our Data Base for Tax purposes.
The Executive Chairman
Executive Chairman BIR

The Executive Chairman, Taraba State Board of Internal Revenue, Dr. Siman Shukanfari Ambita’a.

The Executive Chairman, Taraba State Board of Internal Revenue, Dr. Siman Shukanfari Ambita’a, was born on 05-April-1957 and he hails from Donga LGA. He is married with six children. He likes reading, travelling & physical exercises.

 Dr. Siman began his educational pursuit at E.K.A.S(JNR) Primary school Kumbo, Donga LGA From 1964-1967,he also attended L.E.A primary school Nyita, Donga LGA, from 1968-1970.where he enrolled into Wukari Division combined secondary school (WDCSS). Takum between 1971-1975,he proceeded to school of Basic studies (SBS), ABU Zaria between 1975-1976,he also attended facility of medicine, ABU-Zaria between 1976-1981, he also went to London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, university of London between 1997-1998,he also attended Galilee international Management institute (GIMI) Israel; 2005.


  • MBBS (ABU, Zaria)-1981.
  • Sc. (Epidemiology)-London 1998.
  • Certificate in Pre-productive Health (UBTH)-1987.
  • Diploma Health system management-2005.


  • Commended by Gongola state Government for hard work at General hospital, Gembu-1986.
  • Commended by Gongola state Government with a special service promotion for meritorious service-1991.
  • Nigerian medical association, Taraba state award of excellence (silver Category)-2011.


  • Monetary and fiscal policy coordination commission workshop 2015.
  • Ethics and productivity improvement -2011.
  • Functional relationship among top government fucntionaries-2005.
  • Stock market operations-2003.
  • Administrative leadership Dev.programme-1999.
  • Response to drug and related organized crime in Nigeria-2014.
  • Issues of public service ethics, accountability, transparency and responsiveness-2005.


  • Sec. (TRSG) September 1999-july-2017.
  • Executive chairman, Taraba state board of internal revenue 2017-Date
  • Sec./Director general 2011-2014


  • The Problem of intestinal helminthiasis in ABU teaching hospital, zaria-1981.
  • The impact of multi-drug therapy on the treatment of leprosy in Taraba state-1998.
  • Environmental Quality and public health in Taraba state-2000.
List of Previous Executive Chairmen
The table below consists of the list of past Executive Chairmen of the Board.
1.Alh. Yusuf Galadima
2.Mr. D.D Nyatse
3.Mr. Ishaya D. Elisha
4.Mr. D.D. Nyatse
5.Mr. Yakubu Nuhu