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Specialist Hospital - Jalingo

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About This Page

This page information about the Hospital, functions/achievements of the Hospital, Profile of the Chief Medical Director and table showing the list of previous Chief Medical Directors.

About the Hospital

Taraba state Specialist Hospital, Jalingo was established in 2007 and is currently under the Leadership of a Chief Medical Director.

Departments in the Hospital are given below;

  1.  Head of Clinicals.
  2. Administration and Board Secretary.
  3. Finance and Supply.
  4. Nursing.

Functions of the Hospital
The Hospital has the following roles which include;

  1. Specialized Medical care and Services in various fields – Radiology, Laboratory Medicine, Obsterics and Gynaecology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Opthalmology, ENT and others.
  2. HIV/AIDS treatment center.
  3. Secondary and other Primary Healthcare activities.
  4. Other clinical activities as physiotherapy, Nutritional and Dietetic consultations, etc.
  5. Mortuary services.

Achievements of the Hospital

The Hospital has recorded the following achievements;

  1. Improvement of Specialist Services in the entire hospital.
  2. Repair and restoration of computerized Tomography (CT) machine.
  3. Introduction of ENT Services with Purchase of Audiometer from Germany.
  4. Multiple Drug Resistance – TB Programme Hosting.
  5. Introduction of National Health Insurance Scheme.
  6. Introduction of Servicom.
  7. Beautification of Hospital Premises (on-going).
  8. Securing donation of Medical Equipment and Consumables worth over 100million naira.
The Chief Medical Director

Information coming soon.

List of Previous CMDs
Past CMDs that served in the Hospital are represented in the table below;
1.Mr. Rimande Ubandoma Joel
2.Dr. Zakari Aliyu
4th March, 2008-12th October, 2013
3.Dr. Rimande Joel 16th January, 2008-4th March, 2008
4.Dr. Selim Attia Ramadan November 9th, 2007-January 16th, 2008