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Ministry of Science and Technology

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About This Page

This page consists of all infomation about the Ministry of Science and Technology ranging from its functions, present and past Commissioners, Present and past Permanent Secretaries and Agencies under the Ministry.

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Science and Technology was established on 6th January 2015, by the administration of Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku.

Functions/Achievements of the Ministry

Achievements of the Ministry includes;

1. The Ministry visited all the agencies of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in the State and is collaborating effectively with them.

2. The ministry’s logo and letter headed papers were designed.

3. It registered the ministry’s e-mail address and was part of the bulk SMS training that took place in the ministry.

4. Heads of Departments of the four professional Departments embarked on a study tour to Kano State Ministry of Science and Technology for facts finding and guidance.

5. The Ministry hosted the Federal Ministry of Communication Technology, who in partnership with “The ROCKEFELLER foundation “carried out digital job training (Micro work concept training) in the state.

6. About 1000 unemployed youths were trained on how to access job online on 8 December 2015.

7. The ICT department is in the process of completely reformatting the 20 laptops given to ministry by INTEC and will also install the latest office software in all of them.

8. The Honourable Commissioner and the Permanent Secretary attended an interactive session for all chief executives of all States Ministries of Science and Technology in the Federation at Abuja from 13 to 16th December 2015.

9.The Honourable Commissioner, the Permanent Secretary, DPRS and Head of ICT also embarked on a study visit to the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology from 27th – 29th January 2016 for the purpose of proper guidance to function on the right footing.

Agencies Under the Ministry

In order to achieve these functions effectively, the Ministry has five Agencies namely:

  1. Taraba Agricultural Development Programme.
  2. Tractor Hiring Unit.
  3. Fadama 3 Development Programme
  4. College of Agriculture.
  5. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).
The Honorable Commissioner

The Honorable Commissioner is Mr. Usman Muslim Abdullahi.

Profile coming soon.

The Permanent Secretary

Information coming soon.

Past Commissioners

Information Coming Soon

Past Permanent Secretaries
Past Permanent Secretaries that served in the Ministry are represented in the Table below;
1.Dr. Isa Mohammed Hamza
2016 - 2019
2.Mr. Amos Wanmi 24th December 2014 – 16th April 2016