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Art Council

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About This Page

This page consists information about the Council, functions of the Council, profile of the Director and table of list showing the past Directors of the Council.

About Art Council

Taraba State Arts Council was established in 1991 when Taraba State was created out of the former Gongola State.

The Council has four Directorates headed by Directors which include;

  1. Administration.
  2. Performing Arts Department.
  3. Visual Arts Department.
  4. Research and Documentation.
The Director

Coming soon.

List of Former Directors
Past Directors that served in the Council are represented in the Table below;
1.Mr. Adekunle Adewoye
2.Mr. William Jauro 1st January, 2008 – November, 2015
3.Mr. Bitrus Ivo
July, 2004 – December, 2007
4.Mr. Taniga Danjuma 13th December, 1995 – 14th July, 2004
5.Mr. Nathan Sand 27th August, 1991 – December, 1995