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Ministry of Information and Reorientation

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About This Page

This page consists of all infomation about the Ministry of Information and Reorientation ranging from its functions, present and past Commissioners, Present and past Permanent Secretaries and Agencies under the Ministry.

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Information and Reorientation was established on 27th August 1991.

Functions/Achievements of the Ministry

Functions of the Ministry:

  1. Propagation and interpretation of the policies and programmes of the State Government.
  2. Enlightenment and mobilization of the public for the support of Government policies and programmes.
  3. Implementation of all official activities relating to information dissemination in the state through the electronic print, visual (Film) and oral media.
  4. Provision of policy on public re-orientation.
  5. Coordinates, supervise and check excesses of all media houses, organs and bodies operating on public re-orientation.

Achievements of the Ministry:

  1. Digitalization of Taraba Television (TTV).
    Construction of New Studios at TTV permanent site.
  2. Fencing of TSBS.
  3. Purchase of 300kva generating set for TSBS.
  4. Provision of Internet Services at Jalingo Airport.
Agencies Under the Ministry

Agencies in the Ministry:

  1. Taraba Television Corporation (TTV).
  2. Taraba State Broadcasting Services (TSBS).
  3. Government Printing Press.
The Honorable Commissioner

The Honorable Commissioner, Mrs. Zainabu Usman Jalingo.

Profile coming soon.

The Permanent Secretary

Information coming soon.

Past Commissioners
Past Commissioners that served in the Ministry are given in the Table below;
1Rt. Hon. Anthony Inusa Simon Dogari 2018 - 2019
2Rt. Hon. Anthony Galadima Danburam August, 2015 – 2018
3Hon. Emmanuel Bello 24th November, 2014 – 2015
4Hon. Ateh Sale Kundu 11th November, 2013 – 2014
5Hon. Emmanuel Bello 14th June, 2011 – 2013
6Alh. Aminu Jika 25th May, 2011 – 2013
7Hon. Dandikulu Bala S.-
8Hon. John Musa-
9Barr. Tanko Mohammed-
Alh. Inuwa Gassol-
Hon. Samusi Abwage-
Past Permanent Secretaries
Past Permanent Secretaries that served in the Ministry are represented in the Table below;

1Taninga Danjuma 2016 - 2019
Mr. Amos WanmiSeptember, 2015 – April, 2016
2Mrs. Emily G. Nyame 5th January, 2015
3Mrs. Suzi Nathan
26th May, 2014
4Mr. Isaac Mella 3rd November, 2014
Mr. Major Abba23rd January, 2014
5Mrs. Lydia Ambitumi 17th April, 2012
6Alh. Aliyu Saleh M.
7Mrs. Saratu Nuhu 22nd November, 2011
8Alh. Hassan Adamu 4th July, 2007
9Mrs. Asabe Mai’angwa
10Mr. Charles Mijinyawa
11Mr. Joshua Musa

12Alh. Habu Sani Kona-
13Mr. Joshua Garba
14Mr. Jacob Kami
15Dr. Umar
16Mr. Barau Banti Nyako -
17Mrs. Suzi Nathan26th May, 2014