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Ministry of Child and Social Development

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About This Page

This page consists of all infomation about the Ministry of Social Development ranging from its functions, present and past Commissioners, Present and past Permanent Secretaries and Agencies under the Ministry.

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Social Development was established in December, 2014 and is currently under the leadership of Hon. Mrs. Bridget Twar as Commissioner.


Functions/Achievements of the Ministry

The functions of the Ministry include;

  1. Provides care and support for the elderly.
  2. Handle family cases.
  3. Repatriation of stranded persons.
  4. Provide Assistance to destitute and paupers.
  5. Provide Counselling Services to children beyond Parental control.
  6. Empowerment of the physically challenged persons through skills acquisition.
  7. Liaising with other NGOs Development partners and other MDAs on issues of persons living with disabilities.
  8. Implementation of Policies and Programmes that has to do with physically challenged, Aged, Destitute, and Vulnerable members of the society.

Achievements of the Ministry:

The Ministry has made the following Achievements;

  1. Resuscitation of Government Remand Home, Jalingo.
  2. Celebration of International Day of Persons living with Disabilities.
  3. Training of Blind men in various crafts at Nigerian Craft School, Ikeja – Lagos.
  4. Repatriation of Thirty (30) stranded Persons to various places within and outside the state.
  5. Successfully reformed Forty (40) children in conflict with the law and beyond Parental control at Jalingo Remand Home.
Agencies Under the Ministry

The Ministry has no Agency.

The Honorable Commissioner

Hon. Mrs Hauwa K. Andeyantso

The Permanent Secretary

Information coming soon.

Past Commissioners
Past Commissioners that served in the Ministry are represented in the table below;
S/NPrevious Commissioners Duration
1.Mrs Bridget Twa 2019 - June, 2022
2.Alh. Musa Usman Karamti 2015 - 2019.
3.Alh. Abubakar Mahmud Dec. 2014- May 2015
Past Permanent Secretaries
The Table below represents past Permanent Secretaries who served in the Ministry.
1.Mr. Tanko Orume
2.Mr. Fidelis Bonjoru
3.Hon. Danbaba Danfulani Suntai (Late)
4.Mr. Yohanna Bitrus
5.Alhaji Habu Sani
6.Mr. Babale Maikidi
7.Mr. Aboki Ali
8.Mr. Joseph Machoko
9.Alhaji Usman Kona