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Ministry of Women Affairs and Child's Development

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About This Page

This page consists of all infomation about the Ministry of Women Affairs and Child’s Development ranging from its functions, present and past Commissioners, Present and past Permanent Secretaries and Agencies under the Ministry.

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Women affairs and Child Development was established in July, 1998. It had Mrs. Grace Atoshi as its pioneer Commissioner from 14th August 1998 to 2000 and Mr. Joseph Audu as Permanent Secretary.

The Ministry has had 11 Commissioners and 14 Permanent Secretary since its inception.

Functions/Achievements of the Ministry

Function of the Ministry:

  1. Seeks to empower women, youth and children.
  2. Sensitization on danger of early marriage special attention is to be given to OVCs.
  3. Promote greater participation of women in governance.
  4. Pay special attention to women in rural areas.
  5. Enhance economic self-reliance among women.
  6. Facilitate active participation of women in politics.
  7. Providing support to Office Victims of Crimes, OVCs through Government and NGOs.
  8. Assist the Internally Displace Persons (IDPs).
  9. Creat cancer awareness among women.

Achievements of the Ministry:

  1. Successful celebration of Annual International Women Day.
  2. Annual Celebration of Children Day.
  3. Annual celebration of the Day of African Child.
  4. Conducted Skills Acquisition Training for OVCs.
  5. Participated in National Conference for Women.
  6. Participated in International Conference for Women.
  7. Participated in National Conference for Children.
  8. Participation in International Conference for Children.
  9. Conducted Election into Children Parliament.
  10. Rescued Victims of Child Abuse, Labour and Transport.
  11. Donated Food Items and Material to IDPs.
Agencies Under the Ministry

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The Honorable Commissioner

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The Permanent Secretary

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Past Commissioners

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Past Permanent Secretaries

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