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Commercial Motorcycle Monitoring Agency

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About This Page

This page contains information about the College, functions of the College, Profile of the Provost and table showing the list of prvious Provosts of the College.

About the Agency

The Taraba State Commercial Motorcycle Monitoring agency was established on August, 2008 and is currently under the of a General Manager.

Departments in the Agency include;

  • Finance and Administration.
  • Operation and Enforcement.
  • Information and Outreach.

Functions of the Agency

The following functions are carried out by the Agency;

  1. To regulate both Economic and Technical aspects of the business activities of commercial motorcycles and tricycle owners and operators to ensure strict compliance with objectives and stated provisions of this Law.
  2. To formulate Policies and utilize strategies for the effective plan for ensuring effective regulation in the state.
  3. Designate operational zones for the commercial motorcycle and tricycle operators and ensure that each operator in the course of his business is confined to his zone.
  4. Liaise routinely and ensure effective harmonization with other relevant agencies, FRSC, NPF. Board of Internal
  5. Revenue and other public or private and Non-governmental bodies in order to achieve the objectives of the policy on Road Safety.
  6. Identify any problem associated with attaining the objective of the Law of the functioning of the Agency and brief Government on their causes and effects and find solution to them.
  7. To execute Public enlightenment on Road Traffic education for commercial Motorcycle and Tricycle operators and other road users to bring about public order and safety for all road users in the state in line with the objectives of this Law.
  8. To carry out research and capacity building programmes aimed at improving the performance and impact of the Agency.
  9. Serve as agent of Mass Mobilization of the operators to foster positive attitudinal changes towards obedience to road traffic laws and regulations to bring about social order and development.

Achievements of the Agency

The Agency’s achievements include;

  1. Achieved desired aims of government to instill sanity in the activities of commercial motorcycle and tricycle operators in the state.
  2. Details of operator, owners and tricycles have been collected for safety and security reasons.
  3. Operators are not only sensitized on Road Traffic Laws and Regulations but were made to take their business serious, not as stop over.
  4. The Agency has also generated Revenue for the Government.
The General Manager

Information coming soon.

List of Previous General Managers
This page contains information about TACOMMA, functions/achievements of TACOMMA, Profile of the General Manager and table showing the list of previous General Managers.
1.Mr. Matthew Yohanna 17th January, 2014-1st August, 2014
2.Mr. Alfred D. Usman 2008-17th January, 2014