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Natural Resources

The Mineral – Based Raw Materials Are Stated Below

Barytes Ibi, Karim Lamido In commercial quantity Used as a filler in drilling Mud, Rubber, and Paper Industries. It is also used in Chemical Industries.
Bauxites Sardauna Very large Production of Aluminium Metal.
Graphites Gashaka In Commercial quantity It is used in the production foundry Moulds, Pencils Electroplating.
Galena (Leadore) Ibi K/Lamido, Wukari, Sardauna In Commercial quantity Lead, Batteries, Electrical, Cables, Ammunition, Bearings Solder, Lead Foils etc
Limestone Ardo-Kola, Ibi, K/Lamido, Lau, Wukari In Commercial quantity Cement Manufacture, hydrated lime, as fluxing material in iron smelting.
Gypsum Ibi, K/Lamido In Commercial quantity It is used as a retarder in the manufacture of portland cement. Also used in the production of POP. Chalk and suspended ceiling.
Kaolin Donga, Lau, Sardauna In Commercial quantity. Used in Ceramics wares production, also in the production of Tiles and Sanitary wares.
Feldspar Jalingo,Takum, Ussa. In commercial quantity. Ceramics, Glass manufacture, fillers in Plates and paints, Terrazzor and tiles manufacture.
Mica Zing, Ardo kola, Kurmi, Gassol,Takum, Yarro. In Commercial quantity. Used for electrical insulation, Electronic tubes and capacitors, roof and paper coating.
Pyrite Donga, Kurmi, Sardauna, Takum In Commercial quantity. It is used in the production of Sulphur.
Uranium Yorro, Ussa. In Commercial quantity. Used in the production of Nuclear Energy.

Gem Stones

(i) Aquamarine

(ii) Sapphire

(iii) Tourmaline

(iv) Amethyst

(v) Agate

(vi) Garnet

(vii) Topaz

Sardauna, Yorro, Bali, Kurmi, K/Lamido, Takum, Gashaka, Zing. In Commercial quantity For Ornaments, personal Ardonments, Abrasives, Manufacture of surface Testing Equipments, Electronics, etc.

The Agro – Based Raw Materials are Stated Below

Maize All Local Gov. Areas Flour, Cornflakes, Livestock-Feeds popcorn and other Starch derivatives.


(Except Satsuma)

Animal feeds and Alcohol.
Sorghum All LGAs Sorghum Flour, Local Beverages Malt, Starch.
Rice -do- Rice Bran, Rice Flour, Particle Boards, Malting, Starch and its derivatives.
Groundnut -do- Vegetables oil, animal feeds
Cassava -do- Starch and its derivatives Cassava Flour, Garri, Bread, Alcohol, etc.
Yam -do- Yam-Flour, Instant-Poundo-Yam, Flour Chips, Fufu.
Soya Beans -do- Soya Milk, Soya-Oil, Animal Feeds and Maggi etc.
Sugarcane -do- Sugar and derivatives, Bagasse Molasses.
Citrus Takum, Wukari, Ussa, Kurmi Single Strength Orange Juice, concentrated Juice for squashes Citrus Wines, Essence Oil (Peels).
Cocoa Sardauna, Kurmi Cocoa Butter, Body Cream, Animal Feeds, Wines.
Palm Oil Kurmi, Sardauna, Takum Vegetable oil, Soap, Cosmetics.
Coffee Sardauna Caffeine Extraction, Beverages, wine.
Tea Sardauna Beverages.
Timber Kurmi, Sardauna Furniture, Pulp and paper etc.
Cotton Lau, Gassol, Jalingo Textiles, Cotton Seed Oil, Cake, etc.
Benniseed Takum, Wukari, Karim-Lamido Vegetable Oil, Animal Feeds.
Gum Arabic Lau, K/Lamido, Gassol Pharmaceutical, Gum, Sweets
Live Stock Sardauna Meat, Dairy
Fish Gassol, Ardo-Kola, Lau, Ibi Fish Meal and Fish Canning