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Gov. Ishaku Tasks New Appointees to be Proactive in the Performance of their Duties

Gov. Ishaku Tasks New Appointees to be Proactive in the Performance of their Duties

Taraba State Governor, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku yesterday admonished the Coordinators  of NGADA and Yangtu Development Areas as well as the Chairman and members of the Taraba state Judicial Service commission to be responsive to the needs of the people.

Executive Governor, Taraba State.

Executive Governor, Taraba State.

Governor Darius Ishaku said this at the Government House Exco Chamber, and challenged them to render services to humanity by carrying all along in the discharge of their official duties devoid of any form of sentiment.

Darius Ishaku tasks the coordinator of NGADA that, this is the right time to work for the people by helping them, because the area is lacking in all the basic necessities of life and categorically told him that, if he doesn’t help them God will  judge him because they are indeed deprived people.

Similarly, the Governor charged the Coordinator of Yangtu to be proactive and innovative and inject new ideas that will derive the Development area to realize its potentials by making the people to appreciate him and thrive to move the area to greater heights by being transparent and fair in the discharge of his assignment.

The Governor admonished the Coordinators of NGADA and Yangtu to immediately key into the rescue mission of his administration in order to fast track growth and promote peace and harmonious coexistence among the people.

To the Chairman and members of the Taraba State Specialist Hospital Board, Governor Darius Ishaku tasks them to work round the clock with a view to generating ideas that will enhance speedy turn around of the hospital so that it would be able to address the health needs of the people of the state.

He beckoned on the specialist  Hospital Board to wake up and improve on their services, explaining that, there are inadequate Hospitals across the state and reiterated his administration’s determination to rehabilitate and equip the hospitals cutting across the three geopolitical zones of the state and posited that, it is the availability of modern equipment that makes a health facility a hospital.

The Governor stated thus, “I wish to use this opportunity to urge all of you to take this responsibility with all sense of seriousness. As fresh members of the Resuce team you are charged to bring new ideas on board that will help speed up the growth of the mission, I urge you to get a copy of the Rescue Agenda, which will guide and help you to understand the workings of the project, it will also contribute meaningfully to the success of the movement and the goals the mission intends to achieve throughout the state,” he stressed.

Accordingly, Governor Darius Ishaku told the Chairman and members of the State Judicial Service Commission sworn in that they have a very special responsibility to handle, most especially, in ensuring that justice is speedily dispense and with utmost fairness to all manner of people devoid nepotism or favoritism and reminded them to uphold the integrity judiciary.

The Governor maintained that, Taraba state is blessed in all spheres and there is, the urgent need to wake up and effectively manage the God given natural resources judiciously, stressing that, Taraba will be a great place if we wake up to our responsibility by supporting government to explore and harness the abundant natural resources.

He said by next year the Rescue Agenda will graduate lots of youths  who have been empowered in varieties of skills and asserted that his administration will keep doing it until the entire youths in the state are actively engaged in ventures that will sustain them, emphasizing that, he is poised in his drive to sustaining peace and  will work more assiduously until peace is permanent in all the corners of the state.

Darius Ishaku opined that Taraba state alone can produce enough rice that will be able meet the country’s needs, that, the Highland Tea is the number one beverage in the country and effort is now tilted towards coming up good publicity that will market the product nationally and internationally.

Similarly, Governor Darius Ishaku said modality worked out on the government and people of the  state will be actively involved in Mining activities and explained that the state at the moment is harmoniously engaging the Federal Government proactively which will be beneficial to the three tiers of government.

Responding on behalf of the new appointees,  Rtd. Grand Ghadi Justice Mamman Salai Judicial Service Commission JSC, appreciated God for giving the opportunity serve the people and Government of the state.

Retired Ghadi Salais assured the Governor that they will discharge their duties effectively and efficiently and in accordance with laws of the land as spelled out and stressed that they will perform functions with absolute humility to the rule of law.

He told the Governor that his speech was heart touching and said he believed that all the appointees will ponder on it and as well put it all into action and work for the success of this state and told him to go and sleep with his eyes closed with the promise that they will never fail him.

Those sworn in were Rev Joseph Nagombe Coordinator NGADA Development Area, Mr. Nuhu Tsuki Coordinator Yangtu Development Area and Justice Josephine Tuktur as Chairman Of Taraba Judicial Service Commission with one of Tarabas illustrious sons Damien Dodo SAN as member and Taraba state specialist Hospital  Board has Dr Stephen Kitchener chairman with the CMO of the Specialist Hospital as a Member.

TRHA Approves Heads of New Development Areas

TRHA Approves Heads of New Development Areas

By, Nick Dugba

The Taraba state House of Assembly has adopted a letter from the Executive Governor of Taraba state, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku, seeking the approval of Rev. Nagombe Joseph as Coordinator of Ngada Special Development Area and Nuhu Tsuki, as Coordinator, Yangtu Special Development Area.

 Abel Peter Diah

Abel Peter Diah

In a letter dated 19th December, 2016, and addressed to the Assembly read: “you would note that some months ago, the House on my request approved Ngada Special Development Area Creation Order 2016 in order to bring development closer to our people who were long neglected”.

The Order was said to be assented to by the governor on 21 September, 2016 and the two nominees were to head the two development areas.

During plenary Monday, presided over by Speaker, Abel Peter Diah, the letter was read before the House and the House then unanimously adopted and approved the letter. The Speaker then directed the Clerk, Ismaili Ukwen Tentason to communicate the governor on the new development.

In another development, the House has considered the 2017-2019 Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper, (MTEF/ FSP), which is suppose to set in motion the process of budget presentation by the governor.

Presenting the document before the House during plenary, Majority Leader of the House, Joseph Albasu Kunini, stated that it was a transparent and policy formulation document to ensure fiscal discipline.

Without any debate, the document was adopted and approved by the House while the Clerk was directed to communicate the governor on the new development.

Gov. Ishaku Commends Rescue Watch Team

Gov. Ishaku Commends Rescue Watch Team

Taraba state Governor, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku has tasked the leaders of the Rescue Watch to work committedly with a view to meeting the basic and immediate needs of the people at the grassroots.

Governor Darius Ishaku said this yesterday at the Exco Chamber of Government House during  the maiden meeting of the of the Grassroots Watch and Revenue mobilisation team after carefully listening to their reports bothering on successes and challenges faced while interacting with their respective communities.

He told them that they were carefully selected and pointed out that he expects the team to constantly liaise with their respective communities with a view to understanding how best government can come to their rescue.

The Governor charged them to ensure that they establish a cordial relationship with their people by regularly visiting them. He however, lamented that some of them have not been visiting their people and encouraged them to continuously visit their people.

Darius Ishaku used the opportunity to inform the Rescue Watch Team that he is aware that the country is passing through one of its difficult moments, where people find it extremely difficult to meet their daily needs particularly, people at the rural areas.

The Governor revealed that some Ministries would soon be drafted into the operations of the Rescue Mission to enhance its effectiveness and explained that, such Ministries would be saddled with the responsibility of taking stock of challenges of the people of rural areas with a view to ameliorating their suffering.

Speaking on the issue of local government salaries, the Governor mentioned that Taraba state Micro Finance Bank has been contacted to assist so that the salary issue will be resolved in its totality and explained that the screening exercise of local Government Council workers was done in good faith with the sole purpose of fishing out ghost workers and the money realised will be used to fund developmental projects.

dsc_0858He said attention will be given to revolutionise the Agricultural sub-sector, most especially, boosting Cocoa and rice farming so that farmers in Taraba can take advantage and go into large-scale cocoa and rice farming to expand their business horizon.

Governor Darius Ishaku also reaffirmed his determination to complete Kona-Lau road to ease the hardship motorists face in getting to their respective destination, and to the people of Karim Lamido. Governor Darius Ishaku pleaded for an understanding, saying that, modalities are being worked out with a view to finding a lasting solution to the problem of road in the area.

He thanked all the members of the Rescue Watch and Revenue mobilisation teams for the wonderful efforts made in reaching most of the community and reiterated his Rescue Mission resolve to address some of the challenges uncovered during their first outing, particularly, the border crisis between Yorro and Zing local government areas.

dsc_0838Earlier, the Coordinator of the Rescue Mission who is also the Chief of staff Government House, Rebo Usman commended both teams for the wonderful work, but however said, there is still room for improvement in order to adequately capture the wonderful innovation of the Rescue Captain, Arc. Darius Ishaku which is the first of its kind in the country, positing that the purpose is to actually work in line with his vision and mission of giving the people at the grassroots sense of belonging and encouraged them to brace up for more challenges.

Rebo Usman maintained that the meeting was meant to achieve two major things which include appraisal of commitment and the progress made so far and to assess our understanding of the Rescue Mission of his Excellency, with a view to improving on what we are to be doing at the grassroots so that we will be more prepared and focused.

The meeting afforded the various teams from all the 16 local government councils the opportunity to present reports from their various communities bothering on lack of roads, water, poor health facilities, poor educational facilities, insecurity and poor Agricultural facilities that will boost production in the state and also commended Corps members for the wonderful communities services embarked upon by them.

PRESS STATEMENT: Gov. Ishaku to Expand Direct Contact With the Grassroots

More people at the grassroots can now easily connect with Governor Darius Ishaku without the usual bureaucratic bottlenecks. In a swift move seen as both novel and creative, the appointees, especially the Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants have now been redeployed to the local governments to enhance revenue generation and monitor government developmental activities.

They are to maintain closer day to day contact with the people and report back on areas of immediate needs, even as they beef up revenue drive. Speaking on the development, Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, said it is one of the most effective use of government appointees.

Bello said criticisms trailed the appointment of many aides recently and the governor took a lot of flack for that. Many felt he shouldn’t have appointed so many aides especially at a time when governments are cutting cost. But what looked like a huge challenge before is now part of the real work of practical governance. A seemingly adversity has been turned into a vehicle of prosperity.

The governor is going to have greater contact with the grassroot with those appointees. As I write this now, the 168 wards have been re-energised with contact officers who would report on everything touching the lives of our citizens from the smallest to the biggest matters. At the expanded level, every local government has got a three man team of the appointees working hard to identify revenue generating ventures.

They would compliment the work of the local government and reinvigorate the activities geared towards more revenue sourcing. They would also supervise the entire operation to ensure the government is not short changed in any way in this bid. That is the first team.

Another three man team would be in charge of monitoring governments efforts at the grassroot to ensure that there nothing is left to chance. No more incidence of a hospital without beds for instance or a school without chairs, etc. These would be promptly dealt with as soon as they are identified in a rapid response style.

Describing it as a brilliant project, Bello said Governor Ishaku is a grass roots politician who puts the people first. He said for this Governor, what is paramount is always hearing directly from the people and meeting their needs. He is always meeting representatives of the people and the people themselves but now this bold move would take that to another level.

There are areas of needs that should be dealt with immediately.  Government policies, as the Governor, always says, must have a human face to it. So yes, the revenue aspect of this development is fantastic but he is also looking forward to expanding his interactions with constituents, hearing from them and sorting out immediate needs on a daily basis. Now, he would also leverage on this for a first hand opportunity to assess how policies churned out in Jalingo  are affecting say a pregnant woman in some remote outbacks or a farmer struggling with storage or fertilizer issue in a far flung border hamlet. Even before now, the Governor always insist on hearing directly from the people by relaxing the red tapism around that. This is why he is fond of spending entire weekends combing through villages to connect with the people.

Bello promised that the state media would continue to relay the activities of the teams at the wards levels, even as he informed that  more town hall meeting at the local government level shall be a major feature of the new direction. He said perhaps for the first time, more people would have the platform to ask questions and find answers concerning government activities in a very direct and frank manner. This is key to the kind of open access government Governor Ishaku is pursuing.

Gov. Ishaku Assents to the Creation of NGADA Dev. Area.

Gov. Ishaku Assents to the Creation of NGADA Dev. Area.

Gov. Ishaku Receiving commendation from Speaker of the House

Gov. Ishaku Receiving NGADA Dev. Creation Act from Speaker of the House

Taraba State Governor, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku has assented to Ndola of Gola Area, NGADA, Development Area creation Order Act 2016, bringing the numbers of Development Areas in the State to two.

Governor Darius Ishaku who assented to the order today in Government House Exco Chamber Jalingo, spoke of the need to give the people of NGADA a sense of belonging and to take civilization to their doorsteps and commended the Taraba State House of Assembly for working on the same page with him to rescue the people and give them a sense of belonging.

He maintained that history will judge and remember them right for taking a bold step to rescue the people and said he shedded tears when the plight of NGADA people was told to him and likened their emergence to that of Koma people in the then Gongola State and present Adamawa State.

Governor Darius Ishaku blamed the plight of people to politicians from the area, describing it as man’s inhumanity to man and challenged all Tarabans to work towards assisting the people of the Area to catch up with the present day modernity.

NGADA Delegates in Photograph with Gov. Ishaku

NGADA Delegates in Photograph with Gov. Ishaku

He also called on the enlightened ones among them to be of help to each other, describing today as a special day in the lives of the people and assured them that his administration will take up the challenge and responsibilities of ensuring that they are also provided with all the basic amenities such as roads, water and electricity.

The Governor also used the opportunity to specially appreciate his wife, Barr. Anna Ishaku who is the initiator of the Hope Afresh Foundation for painstakingly going to the area despite the difficult terrain and unearthing their plight, which has today received Government attention.

Speaking before presenting the NGADA Development creation Order Act 2016 to the Governor, the Speaker Taraba State House of Assembly, Hon. Abel Peter Diah thanked the Governor for coming to the plight of the people of NGADA, saying that is a clear demonstration of his love to the people that have been neglected for long.

Hon. Abel Diah said after carefully studying the request of the Governor to create a development area for the people, the entire members also keyed into it with a view to giving the people a sense of belonging and unanimously and objectively deliberated on it so as to fast track development at the grassroots with key emphasis on areas that have been without Government presence for long.  

He commended the members for their zeal, dexterity and painstakingly keeping faith with the vision and believing in the fundamental objectives of the present Government of Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku that is poised to bring all people of the State on board via the rescue agenda.

Speaking to the press on behalf of the people of Ngada community, the spokesperson, Rev. Joseph Nagombe thanked Governor Darius Ishaku for the liberation and said the creation of God can never be left in isolation in terms of social life, as God will always provide a liberator, a saviour and a man with a heart, determination to salvage the situation and posited that the purpose of God on NGADA people was fulfilled through the leadership of Darius Dickson Ishaku.

He stated that the people have been living in the area for the past 1000 years since the split of the Bantu Kingdom and are referred to in the present day as Ndola and in the past as Ndoro, explaining that the Ndola of Gola Area was part of defunct United Hills and later part of Trust Territory of the British Northern Cameroon.

Rev. Nagombe said the area became part of Nigeria on 1st June 1961 as a result of a plebiscite that was conducted and since then it has been part of Nigeria and praised Governor Darius Ishaku through the rescue mission that has brought the area out of total neglect and rejection.

He stressed that the people of NGADA will remain grateful and will count it as a major achievement of this administration.

The spokesperson said the Taraba State Independent Electoral Commission TSIEC, will now have additional population of voting age of about 20,000 to add to its lists of eligible voters and assured Governor Darius Ishaku of an unequalled support in 2019 general elections, reaffirming their commitment of peaceful coexistence in the area.

Rescue Watch : Grassroots Engagement Strategy Presentation By Gov. Ishaku

His Excellency,  the Executive Governor of  Taraba State,  Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku, FNIA, made this presentation on the Flag-off of the “Rescue Watch”.

Broad Outline of the Rescue Agenda

  • Peace and Security.
  • Provision of Infrastructural Facilities.
  • Robust Revenue-Generating Machinery.
  • Rural Transformation Through the Provision of Rural Infrastructure and Robust Engagement with the Rural Populace for Sustained Development and Economic Empowerment.
  • Clear-cut Policies Aimed at Good Service Delivery and Promotion of Feedback  Mechanisms.

Strategies for Rural Transformation and Community Engagement

  • Direct Engagement with our Rural Communities for the purpose of building ownership mentality amongst the people at the grassroots level.
  • Development of feedback Mechanisms to ensure that all government projects, programmes and facilities (e.g hospitals, schools,etc) are subjected to all forms of quality tests through sustained reviews by standing government machinery that will have direct links with the populace and the Governor.
  • Involvement of the Local Communities in the continued monitoring of government projects, programmes and facilities as well as revenue-generating activities.

The Rescue Watch Teams

Revenue Monitoring Teams

  • A Revenue Monitoring Team has been put in place for each Local Government Area.
  • Each Team is made up of a Special Adviser and two Senior Special Assistants/Special Assistants.
  • The Revenue Monitoring  Teams shall independently monitor the operations of all State Revenue-Generating Agencies operating in the Local Government  Areas.
  •  The Revenue Monitoring Team shall be coordinated by the Special Adviser(Revenue Matters).
  • Special Adviser (Revenue Matters) shall submit monthly reports to the Chief of Staff who shall in turn, prepare briefs for the Governor.
  • The Revenue Monitoring Teams shall be required to visit their LGAs and spend a week every month.

 The Grassroots Matters Teams

    • A Grassroots matters team has been put in place for each Local Government Area.
    • The Grassroots Matters Team shall interface with citizens of Taraba State at the grassroots level.
    • Each Team is made up of a Special Adviser and two Senior Special Assistants/Special Assistants.
    • The Grassroots Matters Team shall be coordinated by the Special Adviser (Manifesto Implementation) who shall collate and consolidate their monthly Reports for submission to the Chief of Staff.
    • The Chief of Staff shall produce and submit monthly briefs on the activities of the Team to the Governor.
    • The Grassroots Matters Team shall carry out sustained periodic visits to state –owned facilities (schools, hospitals, ongoing projects, etc) for the purpose of good service delivery/implementation by government officials and contractors.
    • The Team shall monitor implementation and impacts of government programmes at the grassroots (e.g Youth Empowerment, Farm inputs distribution, etc) to ensure they reach citizens at the grassroots, and are making the required impact.
    • Educate citizens at the grassroots on government programmes and obtain feedback on same.
  • On monthly basis, a Town Hall Meeting  shall be organized in one electoral ward by each Local Government Grassroots  Matters Team during which five representatives per polling unit shall meet and interact with the team on government policies, programmes and service delivery.
  • Through the  Ward Contact Persons, the Grassroots Matters Team shall keep in close touch with happenings at the grassroots levels that require government attention.

The Ward Contact Persons   

  • The Ward Contact Persons  shall act as  informants  of the Revenue Monitoring Teams regarding revenue-generating activities within their jurisdiction. For example, they shall have authority to visit produce checkpoints to monitor the activities of revenue collectors. Likewise, they shall have authority to stop trucks carrying timber and ask for evidence of payment of government revenue.
  • The Ward Contact Persons shall be issued with ID Cards and Uniforms from the Government House to enable them operate at security checkpoints where they will have the right to stop vehicles carrying products or items that are subject to payment of revenues to government (grains, timber,etc).
  • Government shall collaborate with Security Agencies to ensure that Ward Contact Persons operate without hindrances.
  • The Ward Contact Persons shall be required to be in close touch with their Local Government Grassroots and Revenue Monitoring Teams on daily basis to keep abreast of developments in their areas of jurisdiction.

Monthly Meeting

  • There shall be a monthly meeting of special Advisers, Senior Special Assistant and Special Assistants to be chaired by the Governor.
  • The Monthly meetings and Reports of the Grassroots and Revenue Monitoring Teams shall be thoroughly reviewed at the monthly meeting. Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants in these teams shall be assessed on the basis of the content and quality of their reports.


In conclusion, all Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants who will be involved in activities of the Rescue Watch, must view their roles as a necessary sacrifice that we must all make to see to the upliftment of the standard of living of our people. On my part, I wish to assure you of my total commitment to this model of governance that I have developed.