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With Council Polls Wins, Governor Kefas Consolidates Power

With Council Polls Wins, Governor Kefas Consolidates Power

-Emmanuel Bello

The freshly concluded local council polls in Taraba state where the PDP cleared all the Local Government Areas, did more than just reveal the dominance of the party, it also painted, in bright colours, the political acumen of Governor Agbu Kefas. And coming on the heels of his feat at the Bayelsa state election, Kefas is fast emerging as a powerhouse of great note and clearing doubts both at the national, state and local levels.
But then even his own emergence as a governor of Taraba state came with it all the drama and turbulence of the political life. It was a starting point, an incubator that has seen him winning many more political battles.

For those who thought the reticent soldier turn politician will not make deft political decisions, the local governments polls has made them rethink their assumptions. They are now seeing him for what he truly is: a master chess player; a power broker and a shrewd deal maker.

Governor Kefas is clearly bringing to bear on democracy all he learnt in the trenches of war and military institutions. Those who have underestimated him have since reviewed their stance. They have also taken note of his sagacity, swiftness, and toughness. A power architect, everyone is enthralled as Kefas continue to silently design and build his structure. Those who harbour fears that established politicians will outwit the young man have since changed their position! Governor Kefas is his own man who is not afraid to take the hard decision at the drop the hat.

And in the just finished election, all the fears that the ever aggressive opposition may pull a fast one on the simple man, dissipated in an instant. The PDP not only dominated, the exercise itself was peaceful with virtually everyone accepting the outcomes.

The governor have always believed that a vibrant chairmanship structure at the local level is the best way to go in developing the state. He does not believe in the imposition of care takers: an easy route many have taken in the past. He said elected council officials will best translate his Moving Forward agenda. Clearly, the best days of the local governments are here.

Gov. Agbu Kefas Signs Amendment Bill Restructuring Local Government Chairmen’s Tenure

Gov. Agbu Kefas Signs Amendment Bill Restructuring Local Government Chairmen’s Tenure

His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas, has officially signed into law a bill amending the tenure of Local Government Chairmen to two years. The historic signing ceremony took place on November 16, 2023, at the Government House in Jalingo.

This decision follows the reception of an executive communication by the Taraba State House of Assembly on November 9, 2023, proposing the reduction of the tenure from three to two years. The swift processing and unanimous passage of the bill into law by the State Assembly on November 15, 2023, exemplify the collaborative efforts between the executive and legislative arms of the government.

Governor Agbu Kefas expressed his satisfaction with the seamless synergy, emphasizing its dedication to the overall development of Taraba State. He assured citizens that the upcoming local government election on November 18th will be conducted democratically, and the elected chairmen will receive thorough engagement to ensure their success.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Governor Kefas pledged the administration’s commitment to making Taraba the leading state in the country. The event was attended by dignitaries, including Deputy Governor Alhaji Aminu Alkali, former Deputy Governor Senator Haruna Manu, House leaders, the State Chairman of PDP, party executives, and the Secretary to the Government of the State, Chief Gebon Kataps.

This landmark amendment reflects Taraba State’s dedication to responsive and accountable governance, fostering a dynamic political landscape that aligns with the aspirations of its people.

– Office of the Commissioner of Information and Re-orientation, Taraba State Government, Jalingo.

Taraba Top Officials that delivered their Polling Units, Wards and LGAs

Taraba Top Officials that delivered their Polling Units, Wards and LGAs

“Whenever you see a successful person, you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them.” Vaibhav Shah. This is true for Taraba top government officials who not only delivered their polling units, but also delivered their wards and local governments. The Government Officials and the Chairmanship election results are stated below.

Governor: The Governor, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku is from Takum Local Government Area. Takum has 11 wards. The final result for Takum is PDP- 81,051, APC- 1,859.

Deputy Governor: The Deputy Governor, Engr. Haruna Manu is from Gassol local government having 12 wards. The final result for Gassol is PDP- 104,279, APC- 11,279.

Speaker: The Speaker of the Taraba State House of Assembly is Rt. Hon. Abel Peter Diah from Sardauna Local Government having 11 wards. The final result for Sardauna is APC is 19098 while PDP was 41,325.

PDP National Vice Chairman (Chairman North East Zone): The PDP Vice Chairman for North East is Amb. Emmanuel Njiwah who is from Sardauna Local government, having 11 wards. The final result for Sardauna is APC is 19098 while PDP was 41,325.

PDP Chairman: The PDP Chairman, Hon. Victor Bala Kona is from Ardo Kola Local government which has 10 wards. The final result for Ardo Kola is: PDP-18,234, APC- 6,590.

Secretary to the State Government: The Secretary to the State government is Hon. Anthony Jellason from Zing having 10 wards. The final result for Zing Local Government is PDP- 33,915, APC – 8,956.

Chief of Staff, Government House: The Chief of Staff to the Governor, Hon. Rebo Usman is from Donga LGA having 10 wards.  The final result for Donga Local Government is PDP- 64,971, APC- 11,758.

The above results show that these leaders have been making private sacrifices to deliver the dividends of democracy to their people. It is also a good example for other political office holders to pick a leaf from, knowing that, success does not come easily, but one has to work hard to achieve such landslide victories.


Taraba LG Elections:Final Result.(As Released and Declared by SIEC)

Ardo Kola: PDP-18,234, APC- 6,590.

Bali:PDP- 68,691, APC-10,330

Donga: PDP- 64,971, APC- 11,758.

Gashaka: PDP- 35,158, APC- 2,639

Gassol: PDP- 104,279, APC- 11,279.

Ibi: (Suspended) PDP- *, APC- *

Jalingo:PDP- 48,322, APC- 7,235.

Karim Lamido:Pending*.

Kurmi: PDP- 32,290, APC- 3411.

Lau: PDP- 32,779, APC- 6,278.

Sardauna: APC is 19098 while PDP was 41,325.

Takum: PDP- 81,051, APC- 1,859.

Ussa: PDP- 35,290, APC- 2,568.

Wukari: PDP- 78,373, APC- 34,152.

Yorro: PDP- 22,497, APC- 6,441

Zing: PDP- 33,915, APC- 8,956.