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“Taraba State Capable of Supplying Nigeria With Rice” – Gov. Ishaku

“Taraba State Capable of Supplying Nigeria With Rice” – Gov. Ishaku

Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku has said that the state was potentially capable of supplying Nigeria with the needed quantity of rice if the federal government supports the state with funds and farm implements.

The governor disclosed this while playing host to the market enterprise adviser of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) – Value Chain Development Program (VCDP), Hajiya Fatima Buhari at the Government House Jalingo.

He explained that the statistics of rice production in Nigeria in the last six years have shown that Taraba state can supply Nigeria with the needed rice and end the idea of rice importation into the country if supported and empowered by the federal government.

According to the governor, the IFAD-VCDP transformation system in the production of rice in the country which Taraba is currently amongst states, has made him to go on more research work where he realized the potential and capacity the state has in the production of rice.

Earlier, Haj. Buhari disclosed that Taraba has been the pride of Nigeria in rice production since the coming of IFAD-VCDP program.

She noted that Taraba has been top in payment of counterpart fund which gives farmers in the state advantage over others.
“We are proud of Taraba state, you have distinguihed yourself among rice-producing states to be the pride of Nigeria.

“For past six years now, Taraba has been to in terms of rice production since the intervention of IFAD-VCDP program and we want to appreciate the governor for being prompt in the payment of counterpart fund which is giving farmers in the state advantage over others”, she expressed.

She commended Governor Ishaku’s administration for the efforts being made in ensuring the success of the IFAD-VCDP program in the state and boosting the rice production level of Nigeria.

Mr. Irimiya Musa, the state corodinator IFAD-VCDP, expressed that the administration of Governor Ishaku has made the IFAD-VCDP program proud in Taraba.

Jukun/Tiv Crisis: Gov. Ishaku’s Aide Calls Tiv Youth Group to Order ….. Says Gov. Ishaku ‘s always in Consultation with his Benue Counterpart in the Interest of Peace

Jukun/Tiv Crisis: Gov. Ishaku’s Aide Calls Tiv Youth Group to Order ….. Says Gov. Ishaku ‘s always in Consultation with his Benue Counterpart in the Interest of Peace

The attempt by theTaraba State Tiv Youth Forum to blame Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku for the Jukun/Tiv crisis is a gross display of ignorance by the group.

This was disclosed today 22/06/19 by the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media and Publicity, Mr. Bala Dan Abu.

According to the governor’s aide, the group, for example, alleged that Governor Ishaku visited a certain orphanage after the recent crisis in the area, a development they took to be a tacit support for the Jukun which is untrue and said that Governor Ishaku was not in the state at the time of the crisis and could not have possibly visited the orphanage and ignored the Tiv side.

Bala Abu said that the Taraba State Tiv Youth group also tried to accuse the Governor of supporting the Jukun to gain the upper hand in the crisis, referring to the insinuation as being callous.

“Every action of the Taraba State government under Ishaku has always been done in consultation with Governor Samuel Ortom, his Benue State counterpart and in the interest of peace among the two groups”.

“Governor Ishaku has not paid any private visit to the Jukun/Tiv centres of crises alone. There hasn’t been any official government intervention in the crisis that did not have the consent and support of the Government of Benue State”.

“The Taraba State government is disappointed that a group of Tiv youths is further stoking the fire of crisis between the two neighbours through false allegations and misrepresentation of facts. Governor Ishaku has made a lot of sacrifice towards the resolution of the crisis between the two groups in the past and would continue to do so until permanent peace is attained”.

The governor’s aide said that people on both sides have a duty to support the efforts of the governors of the two states to facilitate the process.

Governor Ishaku Can Protect Tarabans

Governor Ishaku Can Protect Tarabans

Again, mischief makers are back at their game. They have laboured within the past few hours to bend a statement made by Gov. Darius Dickson Ishaku during an interview with journalists yesterday in Jalingo after the flag off of the new farming season to suit their evil campaign.

The story as reported in the papers is being quoted out of context by an online evil campaigner and his internet boys just to cause disaffection between Gov. Ishaku and the people of the state. I’m sure the people of Taraba State know and haven’t forgotten why this guy is bitter and pouring out unnecessary venom at Gov. Ishaku.

What Gov Ishaku told the press during that interview is that Governors in Nigeria, including himself, have no constitutional powers to deploy security agencies to deal decisively with the security challenges currently facing the country.

He even went a step further to say that he could stop all the crises in Taraba State within a short period of time if he had control over the security agencies in the state. This was to further buttress his well known position on the need for a state police.

The interpretation of Gov. Ishaku’s observations on the constitutional limitations of state governors on the security challenges as an admission that he cannot protect Tarabans is wrong and mischievous.

I wish to urge the public to disregard this wicked and mischievous campaign and its sponsors.

Governor Ishaku is very passionate about peace in Taraba State. ‘Give me peace and I will give you development’ remains the slogan that has guided his peace campaign.

The state would have been on fire today but for the success of this campaign despite the constitutional limitations of the office of the state governor.

Bala Dan Abu
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media and Publicity.

Fake News in Taraba Stalled as Gov. Ishaku Returns Hale and Hearty

Fake News in Taraba Stalled as Gov. Ishaku Returns Hale and Hearty

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Once again, the doomsday sayers have failed in their game to create tension in our dear State, Taraba. They have never been happy to see or hear anything good about those who do not belong to their evil group.
Gov. Darius Ishaku

Gov. Darius Ishaku

Since Governor Darius  Ishaku was re-elected, they have tried every trick in their bags of evil to demonize the victory and make the man and his supporters unhappy but have failed abysmally.

Now what they are wishing the Governor is sickness. They have gone to town with wicked rumours that Governor Ishaku is sick.  Liars they are and they will certainly pay for their sins.
If these blockheads can read, let them know that Governor Ishaku is in very good health. He had never had reason to see any doctor in the past three years except for routine checks done regularly by his personal physician.
He is back from his overseas trip and at work. He has since been attending to official matters, closing most of the time not earlier than 10 pm daily.
Shame on those merchants of evil. Evidently, their wares remain stale and unsold. They will continue to fail in their bid to tarnish people’s image and reputation.


Lying as APC’s Weapon of Opposition

Lying as APC’s Weapon of Opposition

Mischief has become the dominant ingredient of political- opposition for leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC. Most of the times, when APC leaders criticize governors in a opposition party, they do so not on the basis of facts that they are sure of but relying heavily on falsehood that is also heavily laced with the venom of hate.

The intention, always, is to blackmail a government or political leaders that do not carry their party membership cards.

A case that readily comes to mind is that of
Bobboi Kaigama, APC’s Gubernatorial campaign director in the recent elections in Taraba State who proved himself heavily guilty of this malady when he appeared on an AIT programme on Wednesday May 1.

With a bag full of lies which he clumsily brought to the AIT studios was the allegation that the government of Taraba State had not done anything good in four years and that everybody in government were thieves, sharing government resources.

His anger was obviously fueled by the fact that Taraba is not presently being governed and will not be governed by the APC even in the next political dispensation because the party lost the 2019 election.

You can imagine Bobboi Kaigama’s tragic perception of political opposition which is to lie against the opponent. Terrible!

Bobboi Kaigama and his other APC leaders in Taraba State should come to terms with the reality of their electoral failure. APC has lost the 2019 election in the state and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku did a lot for the state in his first tenure that would be ending in a few weeks. He is determined to do much more in his second tenure and would not be distracted by the antics of Bobboi Kaigama and other APC leaders in the state.

NOTE: This is not a press statement.

By Bala Dan Abu.

Gen. Danjuma Raises Alarm Over Plot to Rig Next Month’s Election

Gen. Danjuma Raises Alarm Over Plot to Rig Next Month’s Election

The former Minister of Defence, General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma (Rtd) on Tuesday raised an alarm over plot to rig next month’s elections by people he described as elements of primitive democracy.

Danjuma stated this while commissioning a medical laboratory at Rufkatu Danjuma Maternity Hospital in his hometown, Takum, Taraba State.

The former Chief of Army Staff also noted that there was a plan to cause unrest that would make some states particularly Taraba ungovernable for systematic manipulation.

He advised the people of Taraba to be cautious of the intrigues and not to fall prey of the plot of the evil elements, but stay steadfast and protect their votes and make sure that their votes and the choices they make at the polls are counted.

“We must be careful if we want another four years for our able Governor Arch. Darius Ishaku. We must work hard for peace in addition to just registering and obtaining our permanent voters’ cards.

“There is no need for us to fight ourselves because they will use police and soldiers to destabilize us and rig elections. It is in our best interest to make sure there is peace. We will suffer all forms of provocation because there is going to be enough provocation between now and the time of the election.

“Those behind this plot know that they will not win the election if there is peace. I want to call on you not to sell your votes because you will be selling your birthright if you do so.

“I beg everyone of you to maintain peace so that there are no surprises and so we can have a peaceful election and there is no postponement as a result of instability.

“The last time, even when Darius’ political party was the ruling party, he was made to go into a  runoff three times. This time they have perfected rigging. Once you don’t win the first time they will sit down and write the result in the runoff for their candidate.  This is the primitive democracy we have in Nigeria today,” he said.

Danjuma called on the people to guard their votes and ensure that their votes count and their will expressed at the ballot is the true reflection of what is announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission,INEC.