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Gov. Ishaku Not Deterred by Frivolous Publication, SSA Media and Publicity.

Gov. Ishaku Not Deterred by Frivolous Publication, SSA Media and Publicity.

Taraba State Governor, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku said he is not deterred by the series of publication aimed at frustrating his peace mission aimed at resettling and giving the Tiv people new lease of life.

SSA to Gov. Darius IshakuThis was revealed by the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Sylvanus Yakubu Giwa while briefing newsmen recently in his office in Jalingo.

According to him, the continuous publication by ThisDay Watch, captioned ”Taraba Crisis: Burn Tiv people to ashes if they resist the town renaming Agenda: DDI urges kinsmen”, written by one Umar Shehu on October 16, 2016, is a personal imagination of the writer and his sponsors.

Sylvanus Giwa said the publication was maliciously written aimed at pitching the Tiv people against the administration of Governor Darius Ishaku, pointing out that, some unscrupulous persons are not happy with the return of the Tiv people to their respective settlements as those that were responsible for sending the Tivs away from their places of abode are determined to frustrate the ongoing initiative.

He maintained that those that are involved in the publication are working on the sensibility and mentality of the Tiv people to spark up another round of crisis, asserting that no amount of publication will stop the ongoing peace and resettlement process and pointed out that peace is key to the success of every society.

The Governor’s spokesman reiterated government’s determination to further intensify the resettlement process so that the affected persons will return and begin to contribute positively towards the development of the state and challenged the perpetrators to desist from frivolous publication and join the present Government in working for the betterment of the state.

Sylvanus Giwa mentioned that all that the State Government is concerned about at the moment is how to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the people particularly, in the provision of social amenities to all the nooks and crannies of every Community.

He charged all Tarabans irrespective of tribe, religion and political affiliations to support the Rescue Mission of Arc. Darius Ishaku to achieve the lofty projects that he has outlined for the State, particularly, in reducing the poverty level across board in the State adding that, the era of politicking is over and all that is required is collaborative effort to move the State forward.

Speaking on the illusive 42 man committee that was alleged in the ThisDay Watch, the SSA Media and Publicity lamented that, it is unfortunate that the said group is playing with sensibility of the Tiv people and explained that there is no way the State Government will constitute a committee without making it public, without a Chairman to head the committee and even without terms of reference that the committee will work with.

Sylvanus Giwa advised the Tiv community to be weary of rumour peddlers and mischief-makers that do not want the Tiv of Taraba State to live in peace and contribute their quota to the development of the State and described the Tiv people as hard working people tasking them to be cautions of people that do not want them to live in peace and harmony.

The SSA Media encouraged the Tiv Community to always employ dialogue as a viable means of solving issues that affects them and their respective communities, assuring them that Governor Darius Ishaku is poised to accord them all the support they need to be comfortable and go about their normal and legitimate duties unhindered and further challenged them to support the Governor’s effort to permanently nib the crisis in the bud.    

Gov. Ishaku Not Out to Exterminate Tiv, Any Tribe – Aide

Gov. Ishaku Not Out to Exterminate Tiv, Any Tribe – Aide

The Senior Special Assistant to Governor Darius Ishaku on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, has described as bizarrely outrageous online reports suggesting that the governor ordered an ethnic cleansing of the Tiv people if they resisted the alleged renaming of their communities.

Online news outlet was recently awash with narratives of how the Governor directed an attack of Tiv indigenes from their homes if they reject the purportedly renaming of their communities.

In a swift reaction, Bello said such an order was never given and that his principal was beyond such activities. Bello said, “a good Christian and a humanist to the core apart, Governor Darius Ishaku is the last human being to engage in such bloodthirsty conversations. He is too refined and above such thuggish comments.

I can authoritatively submit that he couldn’t have ordered people to go and unleash violence on harmless people. Beyond this, there has been no governor who has worked for peace in Tivs enclave more than Governor Ishaku. On a lighter side, they are even his in-laws as his wife is Tiv.”

On the issue of peace in Tiv land, Bello said, “Governor Ishaku from the start went into action to ensure peace and security in those parts. Prior to his coming, the state, especially in the southern zone, was enveloped in the flames of clashes.

Tivs, in particular, were at the receiving end of the activities of Fulani herdsmen and other militia. A particular regime appeared even to be encouraging the crisis back then. Even in his days as a minister, Ishaku spend many nights and days silently dealing with those crises. He was getting constant calls from all the groups involved. He initiated and contributed to many peace efforts. He shared relief materials, even as he took care of the informed on all sides.

Currently, he spends hours meeting with stakeholders to find a way round some of the issues. His efforts led to peace to the point many displaced Tivs and other groups returned home. He is leveraging on even his friendship with dignitaries in neighboring states to foster peace.

In particular, his warm relationship with Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state, for instance, is one of the facts he is exploiting to find solutions. Some of the problems have historical roots. So while the governor is doing the hard job of finding sound solutions, some people in opposition are trying to deepen the artificial divides. They won’t win in their nefarious bid because no one has forgotten the recent past.”

Youths are My Partners in Progress says, Gov. Ishaku

Youths are My Partners in Progress says, Gov. Ishaku

As he works hard to find more creative ways of constructively engaging them, Governor Darius Ishaku has described youths in the state as partners in progress and a cornerstone of his Rescue Mission. The governor observed that young people in the State have continued to give him reasons to rejoice, even as he assures them of his unalloyed commitment to their wellbeing. He also enjoined them not to lose hope in the face of the current harsh economic realities assuring them of better days ahead.

gov-ishakuThe governor’s observations are contained in a statement from the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello. The statement reads in part, ” Youths matter to our governor and he has always emphasized this. You know during the campaign he was always with young people trying to get a unique glimpse into their challenges.

No young person should feel abandoned as the governor is always thinking and planning for them. Let me point out that Governor Ishaku love for the youth stems from the fact that he is first and foremost a father that has youngsters at home.

He once told me that, in a way, he genuinely feels in his heart all young people are his children. Whatever he wishes for his ward, he wishes for them too. He was also a teacher, a fact that saw him dealing with youth matters especially their educational excellence. He is abreast with students unionism as a university don. Beyond these, he is also an avid follower of youth engagements within and outside the state.

Don’t forget that as a former minister of state for the Niger Delta, the rehabilitation of critical youths from the creeks was one of his primary duties. It was, of course, a difficult and daunting task which he carried out well. It is to his credit that he contributed immensely to them regarding scholarship and skill acquisitions culminating in the production of a phone by the youth called MINDA, that is, Made In Niger Delta. Governor Ishaku fervently likes the innovation of young minds with the same intensity he frowns at thuggery, drug abuse, and other anti-social behavior.”

Bello continued that “the Governor is, therefore, aware of the issues and is tackling them. One way he is doing this is to provide the basis for self-employment. Reliable and steady supply of electricity, for instance, has significantly impacted on the work many young people are engaged in. Ensuring peace and security and working towards harmony has helped the youths too. The governor also appointed an aide from that demography to compliment the work of his commissioner of youth.

That is the seriousness he attaches to youth matters. I can assure the youths that the Governor supports any initiative by youth geared towards growth. As I write this, the governor and his team are working towards greater interaction with the youths at all levels where he would expand his base with them. This would come in the way of periodic town halls and more direct contact with the governor at the grassroots.”

PRESS STATEMENT: Gov. Ishaku to Expand Direct Contact With the Grassroots

More people at the grassroots can now easily connect with Governor Darius Ishaku without the usual bureaucratic bottlenecks. In a swift move seen as both novel and creative, the appointees, especially the Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants have now been redeployed to the local governments to enhance revenue generation and monitor government developmental activities.

They are to maintain closer day to day contact with the people and report back on areas of immediate needs, even as they beef up revenue drive. Speaking on the development, Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, said it is one of the most effective use of government appointees.

Bello said criticisms trailed the appointment of many aides recently and the governor took a lot of flack for that. Many felt he shouldn’t have appointed so many aides especially at a time when governments are cutting cost. But what looked like a huge challenge before is now part of the real work of practical governance. A seemingly adversity has been turned into a vehicle of prosperity.

The governor is going to have greater contact with the grassroot with those appointees. As I write this now, the 168 wards have been re-energised with contact officers who would report on everything touching the lives of our citizens from the smallest to the biggest matters. At the expanded level, every local government has got a three man team of the appointees working hard to identify revenue generating ventures.

They would compliment the work of the local government and reinvigorate the activities geared towards more revenue sourcing. They would also supervise the entire operation to ensure the government is not short changed in any way in this bid. That is the first team.

Another three man team would be in charge of monitoring governments efforts at the grassroot to ensure that there nothing is left to chance. No more incidence of a hospital without beds for instance or a school without chairs, etc. These would be promptly dealt with as soon as they are identified in a rapid response style.

Describing it as a brilliant project, Bello said Governor Ishaku is a grass roots politician who puts the people first. He said for this Governor, what is paramount is always hearing directly from the people and meeting their needs. He is always meeting representatives of the people and the people themselves but now this bold move would take that to another level.

There are areas of needs that should be dealt with immediately.  Government policies, as the Governor, always says, must have a human face to it. So yes, the revenue aspect of this development is fantastic but he is also looking forward to expanding his interactions with constituents, hearing from them and sorting out immediate needs on a daily basis. Now, he would also leverage on this for a first hand opportunity to assess how policies churned out in Jalingo  are affecting say a pregnant woman in some remote outbacks or a farmer struggling with storage or fertilizer issue in a far flung border hamlet. Even before now, the Governor always insist on hearing directly from the people by relaxing the red tapism around that. This is why he is fond of spending entire weekends combing through villages to connect with the people.

Bello promised that the state media would continue to relay the activities of the teams at the wards levels, even as he informed that  more town hall meeting at the local government level shall be a major feature of the new direction. He said perhaps for the first time, more people would have the platform to ask questions and find answers concerning government activities in a very direct and frank manner. This is key to the kind of open access government Governor Ishaku is pursuing.

Gov. Ishaku Not Deterred by Frivolous Publication, SSA Media and Publicity.

Be Constructive in Your Criticism, SSA Media and Publicity Tells APC Chairman.

Hon. Silvanus Giwa.

Hon. Silvanus Giwa.

The Taraba State Chairman of the All Progressive Congress APC, Hassan Ardo has been challenged to be constructive in his criticisms of the present administration led by Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku which is adjudged to be carrying all and sundry along.

The challenge was made yesterday by the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Sylvanus Yakubu Giwa in Government House Jalingo during a Press Briefing on recent happenings in the State.

He said some people have constituted themselves into a reservoir of mischief makers and are bent on rubbishing the successes recorded by the present administration.

The SSA Media and Publicity who was reacting to a publication on the Leadership Newspaper dated 27th September, 2016, captioned “Taraba APC calls for Governor Ishaku’s resignation” credited to the APC Chairman, Hassan Ardo raised issues that were based on falsehood, parochial reasoning and criminally intended to cause confusion and as well score cheap popularity among the gullible people of the State.

He stressed that, the people of the State are richly blessed with high spirit of discernment most especially now that the country is faced with many difficulties.

He maintained that the outburst of the APC Chairman clearly shows that he is suffering from frustration because he was unable to deliver his party at the 2015 general elections in the State.

Speaking further, Sylvanus Giwa revealed that a man like Ardo may not know that, the Governor he is calling for his resignation is rated 6th in the country for good performance in terms of development and have initiated policies and programmes that have direct impact on the lives of the people of the State.

The SSA to Governor Darius Ishaku described some of the allegations from Ardo as blatant lies, mischievous and a cruel antagonism to the success of the rescue mission of the present administration which is all encompassing.

Sylvanus Giwa pointed out that the present administration in Taraba State under the able leadership of Arc. Darius Ishaku has not only ensured steady progress in terms of payment of workers salaries, provision of basic infrastructures, but also succeeded in tackling the security challenges that have ravaged some parts of the State in the past, asserting that the magnanimity of Ishaku  during this period of economic recession should be commended because most States of the Federation are owing workers several months of salary arrears.

He stated that it is laughable that the APC chairman is condemning actions taken by the Executive and the Legislative arms of Government to reduce the tenure of Local Government Council Chairmen to two years, arguing that, two years was inadequate and averred that the argument raised by Ardo does not make sense, positing that, any Council Chairman that is determined to perform will work wonders within the span of one year by coming up with projects that would impact positively on the people of his area.

The Governor’s Media Aid categorically stated that, there is no civil servant in the State that is being owed salary including the Local Government Councils, except where measures are taken to block salary leakages which had led to the over bloated staff strength and salary bills kept catapulting.

He accused Hassan Ardo who served and retired as an accountant of complacency in the salaries leakages hence, his desire to resist measures put in place by the present Government towards ending the illegality that  he benefitted maximally from with the fear that the goodies may not be forthcoming.

On teachers and Local Government Staff, recently the Government paid staff of the Local Governments two months after successfully carrying out biometric screening exercise and as such, challenged APC Chairmen, Hassan Ardo to be cogent in his facts when talking about workers salaries and call on him to join hands with Governor Darius Ishaku to help spread the successes of the Rescue Mission and equally generated positive ideas that will fast track development in the State.

LG Staff Salary: Why Some Employees Did Not Receive Salary Arrears

LG Staff Salary: Why Some Employees Did Not Receive Salary Arrears

By, Nick Dugba

The reason why some Local Government employees could not enjoy the ongoing two month salary arrears being paid  in Taraba State was because they might not have been ‘genuine Staff’ of their various Local Government Areas.

Last week, Staff of Local Government were exhilarated by the news that two months salary arrears out of the four months have been paid. Consequently, some have reported to have received alerts while others are still lamenting about not receiving theirs.

Confirming the issue today in Jalingo, the Chairman, Association of Local Government of Nigeria, ALGON,Taraba State, Stephen Agya, stated that some of the Local Government Staff might not have received their alert due to the fact that, they were not captured in the biometric exercise contracted to the UBA by the Government.

According to Agya, ‘Before the screening, Local Government Staff were about 33,000…that was why it brought UBA to know the actual number of Staff through biometrics so that he will be able to pay them…with what is happening, 21,022 Staff have been cleared by the UBA. So he gave the directive that the 21,022 who have been cleared should be paid’’.

The ALGON boss who doubles as Caretaker Chairman of Kurmi LGA, however allayed the fears of the aggrieved Staff, saying they needed not be afraid as a directive has been issued to all Local Government Caretaker Chairmen to go ahead and submit the list of those who have not been paid, so as to enable their payment so long as they are genuine Staff of their various Local Government Areas.

“For those who have not gotten their salaries, I have spoken to the Chairmen, if you have real Staff, you should give your account to the Caretaker Chairman, and you will be paid your salary. We have asked all Chairmen to bring their complaints between now and tomorrow”.

Agya therefore disclosed the criteria for determining if one is a genuine Staff in the Local Government saying, ‘if your name does not appear in the list of those that have been paid between January and April, you cannot claim to be a Staff’.

He concluded that as at now only salaries for May and June have been being paid.