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November 2016 Report for Gassol

November 2016 Report for Gassol

Activity Observation Remark

Town Hall Meeting took place at Gassol Ward

All participants from various units of the ward were present and presented the following:

  • Need for an upgrade of the health facility as is currently manned by a Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW).
  • The hospital needs a Pharmacist.
CTC Chairman to note.
  • Request for the construction of the road to Gassol.
  • Need to link the Community with national grid.
Ministry of Rural Development to note.
  Need for more security Men within the Chiefdom especially in Sabongida and Kwararafa areas. SA Security to note.
Visit to GDSS Gassol Hon. Dibu Mohammed constructed a Science laboratory for the school.  
  Gambo Aliyu a Corps Member reg. no. TR15B/0553 renovated the school toilets.  
  The Principal requested for more Staff, renovation of the School and provision of Furniture. Ministry of Education/Teaching Service Board to note
Visit to Hammaruwa Central Primary School Need for additional classrooms, furniture, and Library and Instructional materials. SUBEB to note.
  Need to rehabilitate Solar borehole. Ministry of water Resources to note.
Visit to Gassol MCH Challenges presented include:

-Need for Drugs, beddings, Scanning machine, treated mosquito nets and rehabilitation of borehole.

CTC Chairman to note.
Visit to Karal Community
  • Needs borehole.
  • Construction of Culvert.
CTC Chairman to note.
Visit to Ungwan Kanti Request for additional borehole. Ministry of water Resources to note

Visit to skill Acquisition Centre

All trainees were found in their various centres busy with training.