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Rescue Watch: November 2016 Report for Ibi

Rescue Watch: November 2016 Report for Ibi

Activity Observation Remark
  The following requests/challenges were identified:

Request for rehabilitation of roads and reconstruction of culverts between LG Secretariat and Ungwan Willy Kitchener.

Ministry of rural Development to note.
  Repair of grounded boreholes as well as drilling of additional ones in Rimi Uku. Ministry of water Resources to note.
  Extension of National grid , road and pipe borne water to Angwan Sabon Pagy. Ministry of Works/Ministry of Water Resources to note. 
Visit to the Palace The team visited the Chief of Ibi to commiserate with him over the demise of his Sister and made a donation to the Family.  
Visit to Ibi Water Treatment Plant The following observations were made:

  • Inadequate fuel and Lubricant to power sufficient water supply.
  • Original positioning of the intake pipes at the treatment plant was shifted thereby causing loss to the total input of water which also affects the supply of water to the community.
Ministry of Water Resources to note.
Visit to Local Education Authority Ibi The Education Secretary Identified the following problems:

  • Destruction of almost all Primary schools during the Crises that affected the area.
  • Teachers were redeployed to existing Schools elsewhere.
  • Low enrollment due to the crisis that bedeviled the area.
SUBEB to note.
Visit to GDSS Central A block  of 3-Classrooms was blown off by wind. Ministry of Education to note.
Cottage Hospital Ibi
  • Lack of Laboratory.
  • Lack of eye examination equipment.
  • Lacks Radiologists.
  • Inadequate midwives.
  • Hospital generally understaffed.
Ministry Health/HSMB to note
Visit to Nwonyo Fishing pond
  • The Nwonyo guest house is not habitable due to non-usage for a long time.
  • Lack of Staff from the Ministry to keep the place in order.
Ministry of  Tourism to note.
Visit to GDSS Sarkin Kudu
  • Requires teaching Staff in the areas of Literature, English, and Government Subjects.
  • Request for construction of exams hall and laboratories.
  • Need to fence/demarcate the School land to avoid encroachment.
Ministry of Education/Teaching Service Board to note.
Visit to REB Sarkin-Kudu
  • The generator room is blown off.
  • The generator requires major overhaul.
  • Need to replace fallen electric poles.
Ministry of Rural Development to note.
Visit to Health Clinic Sarkin-Kudu
  • Inadequate medical Personnel.
  • Need for Ultra-sound Machine, incubator for culture in the laboratory.
  • Need for a borehole
  • Building needs rehabilitation
HSMB to note.
Collapsed bridge
  • Collapsed Bridge between river bank and Dooshima (FG project) and that of Dooshima-Sarkinkudu over two years seriously affecting movement.
  • It was observed that One Adamu Musa Bob constructed a wooden bridge between Dooshima and Sarkin kudu providing temporary relief to the community.
Ministry of Works/Federal Ministry of Works to note.
Reports from Contact Persons
  • On 3/11/16 a Lady of Maidoki Village was attacked, raped and stabbed by unknown Herdsmen.
  • On 12/11/16 Dampar Contact Person reported the need to renovate and furnish Dampar Primary School.
  • The contact Person in Dampar reported that illegal migrants settled along our border causing security threat to the area.
CTC Chairman duly informed/SA Security to note
  On 15/11/16 a male named Chiata of kamen was stabbed with an axe by herdsmen who led his cows to graze on his farm produce. SUBEB to note.
  The team has   provided desk officer and office for FADAMA special intervention programme for IDPs, about 120 Ibi settlers are beneficiaries. CTC Chairman to note.