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RE: Taraba State Governor Wasted N150 Billion in Two Years

RE: Taraba State Governor Wasted N150 Billion in Two Years

By SSA Media and Publicity; Sylvanus Giwa.

So went the title of a trending piece by a certain group, Coalition of Progressive Political and Civil Societies in Taraba State, where the group reeled out lots of fallacies concerning the laudable work being done by Arc. Darius Ishaku. Although the write-up was aimed at discrediting the rescue captain, it ended up publicizing his passionate activities for the development of the State.

150billion nairaThey suggested that the Governor achieved none of the challenges he presented in his address to Tarabans, they forgot the fact that getting a State like Taraba out of murky waters is a huge task that needs time and that is simply what the Governor acknowledged. One will wonder where this sort of groups was when the real wrecks of Taraba held sway some years ago. Indeed, it is work in progress and the man needs time. I doubt if we recall electing a magician or a man passionate to transform the State.

The group kept referring to bogus intimidating figures that accrue to the State from the Federal Government but failed to provide readers the debt profile of the State. Unless they are able to get that information and furnish the readers, talking about how much money comes will hardly be convincing. Struggling to pay up huge pension arrears and salary debts by DDI is a reality anyone can see without a telescope. The common man on the street has seen enough evidence on

The common man on the street has seen enough evidence on ground to be convinced that Governor Ishaku has been justifying the votes the people gave him. So, when we hear of roads being almost completed, with 70% contract sum paid before DDI came on board and saw to its completion then it is nothing new; this is how it ought to be.

The man is not extravagant and will not condone uncompleted projects simply because he wants to initiate his own and “get popular” at the expense of the State’s resources. Bottom line, however, is this: having the zeal to complete any project matters more than drawing the line between the initiator and the one who completes a project.

The writing referred to “small adjoining roads handled by TARCMA” in a sarcastic manner but it is rather for the promotion of DDI. How many States in the North-East have functional construction agencies like Taraba does and adequately financed to handle projects like they are doing? The group thus punctured their own argument that MDAs are not getting any finances, or is TARCMA existing in the moon?

Talking about peace, it is myopic to compare Taraba with “the State of Israel” where the group claimed insecurity exists alongside development. Is it wrong to make citizens imbibe the spirit of peacemaking? Would he rather have preached violence? Some matters are simply not worthy of criticism. He who knows not the value of peace should try violence.

He who knows not the value of peace should try violence.

The ghost syndrome in the civil service is cancer that any bureaucrat will labour to abolish in order to make a headway and that is what DDI is doing. Talk is cheap but the long term benefits will certainly justify his actions and the pains that civil servants have had to endure. Anyone who loves this State will not oppose the noble action of DDI in this direction.

The issue of civil servants not enjoying variations or incremental rates has been there before Governor Darius came on board but the group sounded like it is the first time it is happening. How does one go headlong, accusing another of a crime upon the basis of imagination? This is the moment to contribute advice and opinion on how best to tackle existing challenges rather than wild shouts. Perhaps this group is yet to come to terms with the reality that institutions are at the brink of collapse owing to several factors, at the core of which is the failing economy at the centre. It is time to start thinking outside the box, and that is what DDI is doing, opening up business opportunities for entrepreneurs to employ labor and contribute to a better economy.

The group also accused Governor Ishaku of “managing the state in a manner as to rubbish the integrity of others, divide the people along ethnic and religious lines and promote distrust”. This is a comedy at its worst! I urge everyone to trace history and check this fact: In the past twenty-six years, no Governor has done better in integrating the people across ethnoreligious lines as Arc. Darius Ishaku has been doing.

Those that are aware have been commending him for this noble stride and the opinion of a few will matter little to those who believe in the new Taraba vision.

The aim of this response is not to say so much but point out that if DDI could do what he did in just two years, looking at the wrecked state of things he found on ground, then no one has any justification to accuse him of non-performance.