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What You Probably Don’t Know about Gov. Ishaku as He Turns 63 Today

What You Probably Don’t Know about Gov. Ishaku as He Turns 63 Today

Governor Ishaku is 63 Years today. We thank God for adding another one year to his life. Many people are interested in the unofficial lifestyle of their leaders, especially when the leaders are in high positions.

This knowledge helps people in several ways like emulating their leaders, praying for them and knowing how to relate to them. It is on this line that we wish to unveil the other side of Governor Darius Ishaku as he turns 63 today, which many may not be aware of, but will be very interested in.

We all owe our leaders the following, as instructed by God.

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Prayers
  • Obedience
  • Sincerity
  • Good followership.

The instances below discusses how some people misplaced some of these obligations. They are shameful acts that could annoy God and unfortunately affect one’s life negatively because leaders are chosen by God, no matter how you feel about them. Interestingly, Governor Ishaku did not reciprocate them the way he is empowered to do. This commendable virtue is highlighted in the following instances.

Reaction to a rude phone call receiver at his previous Ministry of Power: In his usual fun manner, Governor Ishaku was explaining his early experiences when he took office. He revealed how, on resuming office he called the office line of his previous Ministry of Power, where he served as the Minister of Power.

He wanted them to increase power supply to Jalingo. While trying to explain why he was calling, without giving out the details, the phone receiver was sounding very harsh and rude, explaining that he will not attend to him until he reveals who he was.

What others in his capacity will do: As a result of the rude initial encounter, others in the capacity of the governor would first of all disconnect the call and order their aides to trace the receiver and deal with him.

What he did:  He revealed his name, his rank and where he was calling from. Then he explained what he wanted and why he needed it. This humble explanation gave Jalingo improved power supply almost immediately.

What will you have done if you were the governor?

Reaction to a nasty “Text Message”:  During one of the Face the Press sessions last month, the Permanent Secretary from the Bureau for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Bello Yero, was fielding questions from Journalists as a result of why some local government Teachers were not receiving salary. In order to   explain one of his points he gave an instance where the governor received a nasty and insultive text message, from a fisherman living in one of the villages in Bali Local Government who claimed he had not been paid for 8 months.

On receiving the text message, the governor sent for the Perm. Sec. and asked him to ensure that the man gets his salary. The Perm. Sec. called the fisherman who was still adamant and took full responsibility for sending the text. The man was asked to come and meet the Perm. Sec. at the bank in Jalingo. On further investigation with the bank, it was discovered that the man was using someone’s name, to collect salary as a ghost worker because when the real owner of the name he was using did his bank verification, the fisherman’s salary automatically stopped.

What others in his capacity will do: They will inform the Chairman or the Chief security of the Local Government to fish him out and deal with him, or probably ensure he loses his job.

What the Governor did:  The governor put himself in the man’s shoes, ignored the insult and went an extra mile to solve his purported problem.

What will you have done if you were the governor?

These instances prove that Governor Ishaku is a responsible leader. Let’s be good followers and not add to their challenges please. If being an ordinary form captain is difficult, what about being a governor?