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Press Statement: Gov. Ishaku Will Not Be Distracted by APC’s False Accusations

Press Statement: Gov. Ishaku Will Not Be Distracted by APC’s False Accusations

The Taraba State chairman of the All Progressives Congress,APC, again displayed unpardonable ignorance during his recent news conference in Jalingo where he made frivolous allegations against the person of Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku and his administration.

The issues raised by the APC chairman at that forum were generally a rehash of the same old and familiar false allegations which the APC in Taraba State has always used in its quest for public sympathy in the aftermath of their woeful loss of the 2019 election in the state.

My immediate reaction to Elsudi’s present tantrums was to ignore him but doing so may suggest, to those not familiar with the antics of APC leaders in Taraba, that he could be saying something reasonable.

Only the blind and the deaf will claim, as Mr. Elsudi did at the press conference that Gov Ishaku’s administration has achieved nothing in four years.

I’m not surprised that public reactions to his tissues of lies have been effusive and furious, with most people asking if he lives outside the state.

Many have demanded that Elsudi to tell them who dramatically reversed the water scarcity in Taraba State with the sinking of 300 boreholes in 300 communities.

They would also want Elsudi to tell them who established the Green House in Jalingo which is today rated as the best in Nigeria. Whose administration empowered over 4000 women and youths in Taraba and employed 3000 teachers?

If Elsudi wants to be taken seriously he should answer these questions publicly.

He should tell Tarabans who revived seven moribund companies in the state and re-positioned the education sector which is today the pride of all Tarabans with the outstanding performances of our students in WAEC.

Tarabans are also demanding that Elsudi tells them who completed the Jalingo Airport project and introduced daily flights to the airport from Abuja.

Let him also tell them who constructed the network of roads in Magami and several others in Jalingo.

What about the 6.5kilomtre Taken Katsina Ala road, among numerous others?

Again, what about the three general hospitals reconstructed and rr-equipped in the three senatorial zones.

There are much that Elsudi and his gang are pretending not to have noticed. They are free to close their eyes on every good thing that the Ishaku administration has achieved but the administration will neither be deterred or discouraged by their decision to feign ignorance and market falsehood about its innumerable achievements.

In today’s Taraba State under the leadership of Gov. Ishaku, it is a work in progress. Many projects are on-going.

These include the Mararaba-Baissa and Sokundi roads whose construction Elsudi claimed has not started yet. They will be completed during the lifespan of this administration.

All other allegations of misappropriation of funds that Elsudi threw at Ishaku during his press conference cannot stick because they contain no iota truth.

Gov. Ishaku is a man of integrity. He has run a transparent administration and has earned the reputation of the best manager of resources compared with all other past governors of the state.

Elsudi and his gang of noise makers are free to continue their noise making but they should be assured that Gov Ishaku will not be distracted from his mission of rescuing the state.

He remains focused and by the end of his second tenure Tarabans will be happy that Arc Darius Dickson Ishaku came their way.

Bala Dan Abu
SSA to the Governor on Media and Publicity
Dated: 06/01/2020

Taraba Govt. to Build Smaller Electricity Dams

Taraba Govt. to Build Smaller Electricity Dams

The Taraba State Governor, Darius Ishaku on Thursday said his administration was planning to start the construction of smaller electricity dams to compliment power supply in the State.

Ishaku disclosed this at the Exco Chambers of the Taraba State Government House, Jalingo, after he was conferred an award of the Electricity Governor of the Year by the Yola Electricity Distribution Company, YEDC.

“We are considering a plan to develop smaller dams to compliment the power supply in the state.

“The experiment in the Tungwa dam which is supplying electricity to our Highland Tea at Kakara is an eye opener and we will replicate it in other communities to empower our people and check rural urban drift,” he said.

Ishaku who expressed joy over the award thanked the YEDC for recognizing his efforts in improving the electricity supply in the State.

He said his administration would continue to inject substantial amount of government revenue into improving electricity, adding that without electricity there will be no modernity.

He appealed to the YEDC to extend their services to other local areas yet to be connected to the National grid to boost the economy of the State, even as he called on those indebted to the company to clear their bills for better services.

Presenting the award to the Governor, Acting Managing Director of the Yola Electricity Distribution Company, YEDC, Engr. Baba Umara Mustapha said the desire of Governor Darius Ishaku to electrify the State started years back when he was the Minister of State for Power.

According to him, the Governor had pushed for the upgrade of KVA line connecting Jalingo and worked tirelessly for the completion of the Kashimbila power project

He thanked the Governor for his passion in providing electricity to the people of Taraba and called on the people to protect the facilities provided by the Governor.

He further informed that metering of customers would begin in the state in January, saying the YEDC has completed arrangement for easy distribution of meters to customers effective January 2019.

Earlier, the Business Manager, YEDC, Jalingo Business Unit, Mr. Rufus Hanawa said the Governor had provided six injection substations and 22 transformers across the State which attracted him the highest award of the company.

Our correspondent reports that 40 customers were also recognized and awarded for their loyalty to the YEDC.

Taraba: A New Dawn Looming

Taraba: A New Dawn Looming

As the year 2018 laps on, it is imperative to take stock of Governor Ishaku’s 2017 diary into focus even as we do a quick review of events that capped off the year 2017 and provides us with a compass view into his new year line up.

Festivities no doubt are hallmarks of achievements and fulfillment so to speak. The festivities that brought 2017 to a close easily outlines what His Excellency intends to cast on the sands of time as far as good governance for the citizens is concerned.
The Christmas broadcast by the Governor, amplified the commitment of the government to meet the mountain high expectations of Tarabans hence, the need for government to address key issues like sustainable peace and rapid development. At a time when the entire nation is gradually recovering from the nightmarish recession she underwent quickly brings to mind the gains and giant strides this administration has made with the lean resources available to it.
Taraba is no doubt privileged to have a visionary leader who in all fairness is ready to bring to his over forty decades as a development consultant to bear in transforming the state.
A peaceful environment attracts God’s presence which to a large extent puts us in vantage position with a leader who is hell-bent on ensuring Taraba people live in an environment devoid of tribal and religious differences.
To many a citizen, the outcry for unemployment, better condition of service, prompt payment of salaries, improved healthcare, social services and a lot of demands by citizens where all talking points in various gatherings and social circles.
A trusted leader that he is, the governor was able to weather the storm far beyond what critics termed unrealistic goals. He rose to the occasion and defied all odds.
In bold statement, while hosting members of Nigerian Medical Association, it is clear that a new dawn is here. Gone are the days when tribal sentiments became a determining factor for employment and appointment. Your qualification and how competent and efficient you are will from now on be the yardstick.
Sectors within the state that had loose ends were sealed. We all saw the revival of prompt payment of salaries, improvement in healthcare service and improved agricultural activities through the provision of seedlings and fertilizers at subsidized rate.
Government’s resolve for citizens to seize the moment through the opportunities available to them and build endurance to weather the challenges that lies ahead encapsulates the new year broadcast.
Navigating through the treacherous path of self rediscovery, this administration saw the need to put the interest of citizens above all others.The health sector was a beneficiary of Governor Ishaku’s massive developmental strides. The recently commissioned hospitals in Takum and Wukari are a clear testimony.
The Kashimbila dam received government attention as well and in his wisdom, Governor Ishaku enjoined Tarabans to seek better ways of criticism and not outright condemnation in the face o development.
The rescue mission has exceeded expectations. The lifting of the embargo on unemployment provides a glimmer of hope for the people.
The three thousand teachers recruited into the teaching service and payment of outstanding areas is a phenomenal achievement for this government.
Attaining the top spot in the entire Northern Nigeria in the last West African Examination Council Senior Secondary School Examination is a testament to what this government is poised to do in the not too distant future.
Underlining the lofty goals of this administration, one must be quick to state that our youths are in for a transformation that will change their lives positively.
Good governance is what Tarabans crave for and we have it in the best leader of our time who is leading us through the uncharted waters to our promise land.
As a new dawn looms, it is our firm belief as Tarabans that we will all brace up and give peace a chance to enjoy the dividend of democracy.
The rescue train is still on the rails of progress and speeding through many frontiers both smooth and undulating. As passengers, I urge us to sit tight and join hands in upholding the vision of our true and trusted leader. A new dawn looms in the horizon. 
When Will Kashimbilla Dam Be Completed?

When Will Kashimbilla Dam Be Completed?

The Kashimbilla Dam is a project which if completed, we are told, will give electricity; boost agriculture; provide water; and create jobs. But it appears the Dam is taking long to be completed.


We are happy to hear that Taraba state Governor Darius has taken special interest in the project and has even visited the site to see things for himself. Though this is a Federal Government project, yet the benefits are more for Taraba state. Please, let all those that matter talk so that the project will be completed on time for our benefit.

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