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Board of Internal Revenue Service Introduces Innovative Payment Platform

Board of Internal Revenue Service Introduces Innovative Payment Platform

In a move to advancing financial and taxation systems, the Taraba State Board of Internal Revenue Service (TIRS) convened representatives from partner banks, taxpayers, and stakeholders to discuss the reintroduction of a cutting-edge payment channel. The event took place on the 18th of August, 2023, with Mr. BALA Abdulkadir, the acting chairman of TIRS, leading the proceedings.

Addressing the audience, Mr. Abdulkadir expressed his pleasure in introducing a transformative solution that promises to unify the payment ecosystem, enhance transparency, and foster trust in financial transactions within the state. He unveiled “PAYSURE TECHNOLOGY” in collaboration with Interswitch’s “PAYDIRECT” platform, which represents an innovative way to revolutionize bank payments through a streamlined process, facilitated by trusted ICT consultant, Paysure Technologies Limited.

The chairman emphasized the importance of seamless payment systems aligned with their commitment to excellence. The introduction of PayDirect, he stated, signifies a substantial milestone that aligns with their mission to optimize operations and services for the betterment of Taraba State and its residents.

One of the advantages of the PayDirect system is its ability to harmonize and centralize payment processes, thereby eliminating vulnerabilities and inefficiencies associated with traditional methods. This approach not only streamlines financial transactions but also acts as a powerful tool to identify and address financial discrepancies.

Mr. Bala Abdulkadir stated that as custodians of public funds, it is their responsibility to manage entrusted resources with utmost care and accountability. PayDirect, he asserted, embodies transparency and underscores their commitment to responsible financial stewardship, enhancing taxpayers’ confidence that their contributions directly benefit society.

Acknowledging the role played by Paysure Technologies Limited, the esteemed ICT consultant, in developing and implementing the cutting-edge solution, Mr. Bala Abdulkadir praised their dedication and expertise. He noted that PayDirect empowers them to fortify economic infrastructure and build a future founded on trust, efficiency, and accountability.

In attendance were distinguished personalities, including Mr. Olubide, who introduced Paysure, and Mr. Ayo, the regional head for Interswitch. Mr. Ayo highlighted Interswitch’s role in transforming Taraba State’s revenue profile through technology. He explained the journey from manual work to automation, and how the new platform aimed to streamline tax collection, making it accessible and efficient for taxpayers.

Representatives from various banks and financial institutions, including Polaris Bank, Access Bank, Union Bank, Keystone Bank, UBA, and Globus Bank, were present at the event. They expressed their support and willingness to cooperate for the success of the initiative.

In conclusion, Director John Sika conveyed appreciation for the attendees’ contributions, emphasizing the significance of increased revenue for governmental policies and programs. He expressed optimism that the initiative would contribute to improved services and enhanced revenue generation in Taraba State.