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Heartbeats of a Strategic Leader: Governor Ishaku’s Rescue Quotes (Part 1)

Heartbeats of a Strategic Leader: Governor Ishaku’s Rescue Quotes (Part 1)

  1. Give me PEACE, and I will give you DEVELOPMENT.

            (By Gov. Ishaku; on many occasions and events in the state).

  1. I foresee a time when a graduate in Taraba will be riding a posh car like mine as a result of selling quality grass to ranchers.

            (By Gov. Ishaku during inauguration of sensitization Committees on graziers and farmers, July 2017).

  1. I can’t endanger more people to go and develop Mambilla Plateau when you are in pieces.

        (By Gov. Ishaku during the swearing in Ceremony of the New Acting Chairman of Sardauna Local Government,           July 28th, 2017).

  1. We are grossly under-policed. 7 Policemen could not maintain 7,000 people at the mining site where the violence started.

        (By Gov. Ishaku while commenting on the Crises in the Mambilla Plateau, July 28th, 2017).

  1. I’ll Rather Sacrifice myself than lose the life of any of our citizens. If I fail to protect them, then I’ve really failed.

         (Gov. Ishaku made these assertions at a dinner he held with some selected Editors of various newspapers in                  Abuja; July 16th, 2017).

  1. I do not believe that government has any business in business because all the companies set up by the state government in the past have all gone under; …

        (By Gov. Ishaku while fielding questions from a Journalist, The Nation-Nov. 20, 2016).

  1. My dear Wife complements my work a lot. How would I have taken an 18 -hour long trip by road to discover people? Or carry out Youth Sensitization Campaigns on drug abuse or even think of the dead by renovating the Cemetery?

        (By Gov. Ishaku at the Stakeholders Workshop on TREATNET Practitioners Level Training in collaboration between the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (U.N.O.D.C) and the Taraba State Government. 4th July,           2017).