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Gov. Agbu Kefas Enhances Security Collaboration with Nigerian Air Force

Gov. Agbu Kefas Enhances Security Collaboration with Nigerian Air Force

Governor Agbu Kefas’s day was marked by a significant security collaboration, culminating in a visit to the Air Force headquarters. His aim was to fortify the existing security measures in place.

During his visit, Governor Kefas extended warm congratulations to Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar on his appointment as the Chief of AirForce Staff. He took the opportunity to express his unwavering confidence in the leadership of the Chief.

With a sense of urgency, the Governor conveyed the pressing need for increased Air Force involvement in enhancing security intelligence in Taraba State. He earnestly implored the Chief to deploy additional Air Force personnel to address the escalating security challenges.

In a reassuring response, the Chief pledged the unwavering support of the Air Force in providing intelligence and operational assistance to quell the banditry issues plaguing Taraba State.

Accompanying Governor Kefas was a distinguished group, including the Speaker of the Taraba State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Kizito Bonzena, Members of the House of Representatives, and the Honorable Commissioner of Information and Re-orientation, Barrister Zainab Usman Jalingo. This assembly of key figures signified the unity and commitment to tackling the state’s security concerns.

– Barr Zainab Usman Jalingo
Commissioner for Information and Re-orientation.

Gov. Agbu Kefas Explores Collaborative Path to a Safer Taraba with DSS Director General

Gov. Agbu Kefas Explores Collaborative Path to a Safer Taraba with DSS Director General

In a strategic step towards enhancing the safety of Taraba State, His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas, paid a visit to the Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS), Mr. Yusuf Magaji Bichi.

The meeting was convened to delve into the far-reaching impacts of the DSS’s swift response to intelligence reports originating from Taraba State.
Governor Kefas expressed his aspirations for strengthened collaborations and continued success as the Taraba State government partners with security agencies in its relentless pursuit of a more secure Taraba.

“I must commend the DSS for their dedicated service in safeguarding Taraba State,” Governor Kefas stated. “The intelligence reports have been instrumental in maintaining peace and security in our beloved state.”

He requested the construction of staff quarters for DSS personnel in Taraba State, emphasizing the importance of providing a conducive and secure living environment for these dedicated professionals.

In response, Director General Yusuf Magaji Bichi offered his congratulations to Governor Agbu Kefas on his recent electoral victory, expressing his confidence in the Governor’s leadership.

The DG assured the Governor that the Department of State Security Service will continue to offer its steadfast support to Taraba State in the interests of peace and security.

Gov. Agbu Kefas Seeks Enhanced Security Collaboration With Nigeria Navy

Gov. Agbu Kefas Seeks Enhanced Security Collaboration With Nigeria Navy

In a significant development at the Naval Headquarters in Abuja, His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas expressed his eagerness to forge a partnership with the Nigeria Navy to bolster security measures in Taraba State, particularly in the riverine areas. The Governor’s visit was marked by a heartfelt reunion with his Navy associates, including his course mate from the 42nd regular course at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA).

Emphasizing the importance of securing Taraba’s riverine regions, which share borders with neighboring states and Cameroon in the south, the Governor articulated, “Taraba’s extensive riverine areas are of utmost concern. We are here to request your invaluable support and collaboration to ensure the safety of our people and their property. Security is a matter of national importance, and we believe the Nigeria Navy can provide the necessary assistance.”

In response, the Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Emmanuel Ogalla, expressed gratitude for the Governor’s visit and pledged to establish a dedicated committee in coordination with the Taraba State Government to assess the areas in question. Notably, Governor Agbu Kefas, a member of the 42nd regular course, will head this committee.

The Naval Chief further affirmed the Nigeria Navy’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the region.

The Governor’s delegation included prominent figures such as Speaker Taraba State House of Assembly Hon Kizito Bonezena Senators Haruna Manu and Jimkuta, as well as Representatives Hon. Lauya, Hon Jafaru Ciroma and Hon. Mark Useni. Additionally, Barrister Zainab Usman, the Commissioner for Information and Reorientation, and the Commissioners for Women Affairs and Transport were part of the esteemed entourage.

Gov. Agbu Kefas Expresses Gratitude and Seeks Continued Support from Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)

Gov. Agbu Kefas Expresses Gratitude and Seeks Continued Support from Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)

Governor Agbu Kefas extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Musa, for the invaluable military support rendered in Taraba State. During the open remarks, the Governor also congratulated General Musa on his recent appointment as the Chief of Defence Staff, expressing full confidence in his leadership abilities within the defense institution.

Governor Agbu Kefas introduced the distinguished members of his entourage, including Senators Shuabu Isah Lau, Haruna Manu, and Jimkuta, as well as members of the House of Representatives, Hon. Lauya, Hon. Mark Useni, and Hon. Jarafu Ciroma. He also highlighted the presence of the Speaker of the Taraba State House of Assembly, Rt. Kizito Bonezena, and his honorable commissioners. In a powerful gesture of unity, the Governor emphasized, “I came with this high-powered delegation, regardless of party affiliation, to demonstrate that we are united in Taraba, transitioning from politics to governance.”

The Governor commended General Musa for the military’s critical support in curbing illegal mining activities in the state and, in the same breath, appealed for further reinforcement to enhance security measures.

In response, General Musa congratulated Governor Kefas on his electoral victory and referred to the occasion as the “homecoming of one of our own,” expressing pride in the Governor’s achievements. General Musa commended Governor Kefas’s inclusive leadership style, stating, “I’m pleased with the way you are embracing everyone. This is a time for governance, not politics.”

He pledged unwavering support to both the Governor and Taraba State, aiming to secure the state and unlock its vast potential. The CDS described Taraba as a state rich in resources and expressed confidence that with Governor Agbu Kefas at the helm, the state is in capable hands.

Security: “That Bipartisan Push by Governor Kefas” – Emmanuel Bello

Security: “That Bipartisan Push by Governor Kefas” – Emmanuel Bello

His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas during his visit to the Army Headquarters in Abuja.

His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas during his visit to the Army Headquarters in Abuja.

When it comes to the issue of the security of Taraba people, Governor Agbu Kefas normally gets somewhat fanatical. He leaves no stone unturned. He is prepared to partner with anyone, go to the great lengths and expend all energies in the cause. He consider this his main forte in the scheme of things. A failure here is never going to happen or be tolerated. No, not under his watch.

That’s why all security challenges go straight to the heart of the matter for him and he is highly motivated to address the issue heads on.

He demonstrated this mindset again on Wednesday when he paid a strategic courtesy call to the Defence Headquarters in the nation’s capital. “I’m very comfortable here”, he said as his hosts looked on proudly at one of their own. Dr Kefas course mates were in the audience and this also boosted his morale. He’s at home!

Speaking to them with tones very peculiar to military personnels, the retired Lieutenant Colonel, did not mince words. Dr Kefas was concise and direct: he was there to get their maximum support for the job at hand.
The atmosphere was charged. You could feel the camaraderie and espirit de Corp. The mutual respect between former classmates was palpable. But even the top hierarchy of the military expressed their admiration for an ex service man who has transformed into a political colossus.

Above all, everyone could sense the seriousness with which Dr Kefas is approaching security matters. His entourage consist of power brokers in the state irrespective of their political parties. Almost all the members of the NationalAssembly were present. Kefas, commenting on that, said security matters were beyond the animosity of politics. He said campaigns were over and that elections have been won. He stressed that the effort to keep Taraba state safe must cut across all the parties. According to him, security is about governance – the type of governance that carries everyone along.

His chief host, the highly decorated Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen. Taoreed Abiodun Lagbaja was impressed. A man Kefas had earlier called his mentor, was obviously happy with the determination and adroit comments of his guest. He promptly promised to cooperate with Dr Kefas in addressing the security crisis of the state.

The visit was not just historic but also symbolic. It was also the meeting point of politics, diplomacy and the time honed tradition of the military. The finest aspect of the military was in full display: reticence, discipline, bravery and responsibility. Indeed, Taraba state is blessed to be caught in the middle of all of these for its good.