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Taraba Lawyers Storm ICC, Slams FG Over Double Standards in Kaduna Killings.

*accuse Fulani of genocide.

*Declare a national day of mourning for “Fulani victims”.

A coalition of young lawyers in Taraba state has accused the Federal Government and Miyetti Allah of displaying “double standards” with human lives. The lawyers, under the auspices of “The Radicals” said the Federal Government have continued to exhibit partiality in dealing with crisis, stressing that only Fulani lives appear to matter to the authority. It also said it would proceed to the International Court of Justice at the Hague to press charges against the Federal Government and Miyetti Allah.

In a statement signed by Barrister Nierus Johnson, the lawyers said, “we are reading of people saying they are going to ICC and ECOWAS court. Well they are not the only one who know the road to these courts. We are on our way there too with our own case. And I dare say we have a better case. How many Fulani’s have died in crisis compared to ethnic groups across Nigeria? Everyone from every part of this country is now tired and angry. We have cows in classrooms. Farmers don’t go to farms anymore. And there are more farmers in Nigeria.

People should not get it wrong. We are in pains whenever any Fulani person dies because in Taraba, for instance, we have relatives who are fulanis too. We have Christians who are Fulani too. So it is not a religious thing. We love the Fulani amongst us and we shall continue to protect them but that won’t stop us from telling the truth. The Federal Government has demonstrated that Nigeria has first class and second class citizens. Fulani and their cows are now the first class citizens.”

Johnson said the response style of the Federal Government to crisis around the nation denotes that it is only when Fulani cry out that it swings into action. He said, “when Fulanis cried out recently during the Mambilla crisis, see the swift reactions. A GOC was dragged from Jos to the state. And we have GOC’s around here but they had to go to Jos and get someone to do their biddings. He came here and said he saw something worse than Boko Haram. But we haven’t heard him recently with the southern Kaduna killings.

Fulani are unleashing hell everywhere and we have not seen Minister of interior, Mr. Danbazzau visiting those places. Or summoning the governors for questioning. In our case in Taraba, and don’t forget that it wasn’t only Fulani that died in the mayhem.

Other tribes suffered losses too. But it was the Fulani and their cows that made sense to the federal government. Taraba saw all sorts of ” fact finding mission ” visits by national figures. But for all the crisis and loss in southern Kaduna in other places in Taraba, Benue and Nasarawa states such visits by those figures have not happened.”

He said that the lawyers have resolved to drag the federal government to the International Criminal Court to press charges and seek protection for ethnic groups. He said they would also storm the ECOWAS court to sue Miyetti Allah and other Fulani bodies for encouraging trans border importation of mercenaries in reprisals attacks.

They also declare the 1st of August as a national day of mourning, urging ethnic nationalities to quietly pray for the repose of souls of victims. “We are urging our people to mourn the death of Tivs, southern Kaduna people, Jukuns, Mambilla, Kutebs and even some innocent law abiding Fulani caught in the cross fires in Sarduana local government.

We don’t believe in reprisals as vengeance belong to God. But let us quietly pray for those who have died and those who now bear the brunt of vicious attacks by Fulani and the one sidedness of the authorities.”