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Governor Ishaku and Taraba Security: Centuries Old Birth Research Confirms His Natural Ability

Governor Ishaku and Taraba Security: Centuries Old Birth Research Confirms His Natural Ability

Knowledge is power. The birthday of Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State, on 30th July 1954 reveals certain facts that will blow any discerning mind on how he keeps getting it right every time there is a security challenge in the state.

According to an age-old research that decodes birth dates to single or double digits, the Governor’s birthday falls within a group that gives him natural ability to handle conflict, where all parties are satisfied.

When it comes to security, People who fall into this category are generally peacemakers, enlightened, diplomatic, good mediators, can control their temper, motivated by interpersonal relationship and balance among others. Going by conflicts in Taraba and how the Governor has handled security issues can best be described in the following ways; responsiveness, security meetings, appeal, and proactiveness.

Responsiveness –  Governor Ishaku’s manner of responding to security issues has been next to none. This is revealed through how he releases funds to curtail security challenges, how he sends relief materials to Internally Displaced Persons and how he is accessible to direct vital decisions.  

Security Meetings – Regular security meetings at the Exco-chambers of the Government House, and the governor’s office is a common occurrence with this government. Governor Ishaku has met with traditional rulers, Local government stake holders, stakeholders by tribe, security chiefs as well as religious leaders. In fact, his most quoted slogan is “Give me Peace and I will give you development”, from his decoded birth date, we can confirm that this is not a coincidence, he is a Peace Loving Governor.

Approach – It is one thing to bring people together, it is another thing to speak in a most convincing way by appealing to conflicting parties for peaceful resolutions. Governor Ishaku uses stories, parables, facts and lots of undeniable realities to drive his Peace Sermons home. These approaches don’t only convince people and make them internalize the messages, you will find people looking attentively at him and nodding their heads affirmatively. The papers are awash with pleas for the Federal Government to send in more security reinforcement, after thanking them for ones they have sent.

Proactiveness – Proactiveness is one virtue that many people admire. Governor Ishaku has tried to curtail security problems in several ways through proactiveness.  For example,

  • He setup the Judicial Commission of Enquiry to find out the immediate and remote causes of conflicts in Mambilla Plateau before violence erupted.
  • He released security patrol vans to the Police within his first six months of assuming office.
  • He held several meetings with traditional and religious leaders before any violence ever erupted among others.

Taraba is lucky to have a Governor whose natural ability to handle challenges is very high. If not, more people should have been dead today. We should remember this always and thank God almighty for giving us a peace-loving Governor. We all lose at the end if we don’t give Peace, to get development. Let’s be wise.