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Week In Review: September 25th – October 1st

Week In Review: September 25th – October 1st

Wukari General Hospital Handed Over to Federal University as Teaching Hospital

Wukari General Hospital Handed Over to Federal University as Teaching Hospital

His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas has officially transferred the management of Wukari General Hospital to the Federal University of Wukari, designating it as the university’s teaching hospital.

The handover ceremony took place at the state exco chambers in Jalingo, and it was officiated by the state’s Attorney General, Yakubu Maikasuwa. Notable attendees included the Secretary to the State Government, G.T Kataps, Commissioner for Health Dr. Bordiya Bama, and Commissioner for Information and Re-orientation Barr Zainab Usman Jalingo.

This move reflects the state government’s commitment to improving healthcare and enhancing medical education. With Wukari General Hospital now under the university’s management, students will benefit from hands-on training in a clinical setting, better preparing them for their future careers.

The partnership between the state government and the Federal University of Wukari is expected to elevate healthcare services in the region and strengthen the university’s role as a center for medical education and research.

Governor Agbu Kefas’s decision is a significant step toward improving healthcare and education in the area, showcasing the potential of collaborations between government and academia. This marks a promising future for both healthcare services and aspiring medical professionals in the region.

Nigeria @63: Gov. Agbu Kefas Celebrates Independence Anniversary

Nigeria @63: Gov. Agbu Kefas Celebrates Independence Anniversary

The Government and People of Taraba State, join millions of fellow Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora in rolling out the drums today to celebrate the 63rd Independence anniversary of our dear country – Nigeria.

Nigeria’s journey into nationhood has certainly not been a smooth sail. There were twists and turns along the way which at some point challenged our unity, resilience and faith in our country but our dogged determination to remain united is the reason we have a country today.

It is also the reason we are celebrating. We congratulate ourselves for this great day in the life of our nation and wish Nigeria greater strides into an era of enduring social, political and economic prosperity.


Press Statement: Gov. Agbu Kefas Describes Tribunal Victory as Victory of the People’s Will

Press Statement: Gov. Agbu Kefas Describes Tribunal Victory as Victory of the People’s Will

His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas has described his victory at the Tribunal as a triumph of the people’s will.

He enjoined all citizens to accept the will of the majority and the work of God.

Dr. Kefas said this victory belongs exclusively to the Taraba people and all lovers of democracy.

He congratulated the Judiciary for standing true to their calling and upholding what is right and just.

– Emmanuel Bello,
Special Adviser, Media and Digital Communications.

Gov. Agbu Kefas Appoints Prof. Leslie As Trade Ambassador – Hon. Nagombe

Gov. Agbu Kefas Appoints Prof. Leslie As Trade Ambassador – Hon. Nagombe

His Excellency, Dr Kefas Agbu has appointed Prof Leslie D.J Rogers as Taraba State International Trade Ambassador and Special Advisor to Taraba State.

The appointment is in the capacity of the Professor to represent and advise the Government of Taraba State on international trade matters, particularly as they relate to Ecotourism, Environment and Climate Change.

Prof Leslie D.J Rogers is a fellow of Order of International Experts (F.O.I.E), Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a UN Diplomat of renown repute and a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago.

The appointment takes effect immediately and is for a renewable term of four (4) years.

On behalf of the Governor, the Commissioner, Ministry of Heritage and Ecotourism, Hon. Joseph Titus Nagombe presented the appointment letter to him at the Taraba State University LT 1D during a Global Youth Summit by the Western Institute of Advanced Leaders themed “Global Ecotourism, climate change and agricultural development in Taraba state”.

The commissioner stated that, the state hopes to collaborate with the Professor and leverage on his wealth of knowledge on global economic dynamics, wide experience, expertise and competence to widen the economic horizon of Taraba state.

The commissioner also noted that, plans are in pipeline to get a master plan and guide for tourism in Taraba and the Governor is committed to bringing it to reality.

He further enjoined Tarabans to continue to pray for the Moving Forward mantra of Dr Kefas Agbu as it is already a reality.

Gov. Agbu Kefas Strengthens Ties With Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA)

Gov. Agbu Kefas Strengthens Ties With Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA)

In a notable diplomatic move, Governor Agbu Kefas paid a courtesy visit to the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) in Kaduna. Accompanied by Barrister Zainab Usman Jalingo, Commissioner of Information and Re-orientation, and Commissioner of Finance, Sarah Enoch, the visit aimed to reinforce connections between the state government and the NDA.

Maj. General J.O. Ochai, the Commandant of the NDA, welcomed Governor Kefas and his delegation in his office. During the meeting, Maj. General Ochai commended the Governor’s achievements in Taraba State, recognizing him as a source of pride for the NDA. “Governor Kefas is one of our own,” said Maj. General Ochai, “and we are pleased to see his notable accomplishments.”

In response, Governor Kefas expressed his gratitude and reaffirmed his allegiance to the NDA. “I’m here to reiterate my loyalty to the institution that has had a profound impact on my life,” Governor Kefas stated. “The NDA has played a vital role in my personal and professional development. I am honored to be associated with this esteemed institution and appreciate the continuous support I have received.”

This visit further reinforce the importance of maintaining strong ties between state governments and institutions dedicated to national development and security. Governor Kefas’ commitment to excellence and the values instilled during his time at the NDA are evident in this diplomatic outreach.

As the visit concluded, warm exchanges and smiles characterized the interaction between the delegation and NDA personnel, emphasizing the enduring connection between Governor Kefas and his alma mater. This event highlights the role such institutions play in shaping future leaders and fostering national progress.

2023 World Tourism Day: Taraba Government Calls On International Communities To Invest In Tourism

2023 World Tourism Day: Taraba Government Calls On International Communities To Invest In Tourism

– Job Sehero.

The Deputy Governor, Alhaji Aminu Alkali arriving the venue of the 2023 World Tourism Day Celebration in Gembu.

The Deputy Governor, Alhaji Aminu Alkali arriving the venue of the 2023 World Tourism Day Celebration in Gembu.

Taraba state government has called on international communities to invest in tourism projects in the state.

The call was made by Rev Hon Joseph Titus Nagombe, the Commissioner, ministry of Heritage and Eco-tourism Taraba state at the 46th World Tourism Day Celebration in Gembu, Sardauna LGA which is themed “Tourism and Green Investment”

He said, “The Taraba state Government is calling on National and international communities to invest in tourism projects and support our tourism development projects since the aim of the state is to improve the quality and diversity of tourism products and services”.

The commissioner further noted that the ministry in line with the vision of His Excellency Dr Kefas Agbu, the Governor of Taraba state will not relent in its effort to invite private sector which can play a vital role in developing and managing tourism facilities and services such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, transport, entertainment etc

The event was attended by the Deputy Governor of Taraba, H.E Alh Aminu Alkali, Secretary to the state Government, Taraba State house of assembly deputy speaker, members of TRHA, Commissioners, DGs, Prof and Mrs Leslie Rogers, High Chief Yusuf Ugwu, traditional rulers, among others.

What Governor Kefas Told ASUU/TSU Management Behind Closed Doors – Emmanuel Bello

What Governor Kefas Told ASUU/TSU Management Behind Closed Doors – Emmanuel Bello

On Monday, Governor Agbu Kefas called for a meeting with the leaders of ASUU, the Taraba State University (TSU) chapter. After the public meeting, he went into a closed door session with the union and the university top management. It was a frank, open and very interactive exchange. Dr Kefas- an academic in his own right- was on a familiar turf. He has a relationship with univeristies dating back to his own earliest school days to when he was busy sponsoring over 500 students in the Kwararafa University in Wukari as a private citizen. For him, this is familiar territory. And although the challenges are different, the underlying issues are very similar ones he has confronted in the past.

ASUU clearly came prepared too for this meeting. Their leader, Dr Mbave was clear and concise in his demands. He regaled the audience with the hardship none payments of salaries had caused. He delved into the dynamics of the relationship between welfare and the slow response as far as salaries are concerned. The picture he painted was graphic enough to elicit reactions.

In responding, Dr Kefas told them the home truths: he needs their buy in to deal with the crisis heads on. He beamed the searchlight back at the university system itself, noting that the university needs to rid itself of internal contradictions. He solicited for their support, stressing the need for the unity of purpose. “This is a collective exercise”, he declared. “We need to be on the same page and with the same objectives. The goal is just one: the good life for both students and their teachers.”

Dr Kefas was very direct on the issue of strikes. He said strikes do not solve problems but that dialogue and constant engagement do the magic. He noted that when lecturers down tool, they and the students suffer loses.

Appealing to the conscience of the union leaders, Dr Kefas said they must make sacrifices for the future of the children they are lecturing. He urged them to see the students as family beyond the faculties. He called on them to be role models and moulders of characters. He said unless they can think straight themselves, it would be difficult for them to make any meaningful impact.

On their welfare, the governor said he is committed to them and that he has planned to create an enabling environment for their growth and development. He lamented the past salaries owed them by previous administration and said he would look into it. On the trending 3 months salaries, he ordered the commissioner of finance to promptly pay off the amount. It was a very frank exchange.
He asked the Vice Chancellor to breakdown what needs to be added to the running cost to offset workers backlog. Governor Kefas then said the payments might mean extra sacrifices but that he was willing to go to any lengths to solve problems.

He challenged the lecturers to also think outside the box and come up with creative means to raise more funds for running the school. He said the Green House project of the last administration may be revived and enlisted as a way of raising money to run the College of Agriculture. He encouraged the academics to come up with ideas as researchers and intellectuals.

The closed door meeting ended with all sides satisfied at work done.

Press Statement: Gov. Agbu Kefas Describes Tribunal Victory as Victory of the People’s Will

Gov. Agbu Kefas Vows to Crush Kidnapping and Banditry, Calls for Unity

In a resolute stand against the rising threats of kidnapping and banditry in Taraba State, His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas asserted his unwavering commitment to restoring peace, security, and prosperity to the region. During a pivotal meeting with the Executives of CAN and the Muslim Council in the Exco Chamber at Government House Jalingo, the Governor passionately addressed the urgent need to tackle these criminal activities head-on.

Expressing his profound concern for the persistent menace plaguing the state, Dr. Agbu Kefas labeled these acts as a direct threat to the well-being and stability of Taraba. He lamented the recent surge in criminal incidents, particularly in the state capital, Jalingo, which has left citizens living in constant fear and distress.

The Governor left no room for ambiguity, asserting that such brazen disregard for human life and societal harmony would no longer be tolerated. He offered assurance that law enforcement agencies were fully mobilized in the battle against this scourge, and he implored every citizen to rally behind these efforts.

Dr. Agbu Kefas issued a compelling call to action, urging community leaders, religious institutions, and responsible members of society to unite with the government in confronting these audacious criminals operating with impunity within the state. He emphasized the critical importance of sharing information about suspected individuals with security forces, thereby becoming proactive participants in the fight against crime.

Additionally, the Governor advocated for a culture of positive living, emphasizing the need to discontinue any form of association with criminals. He vowed to relentlessly pursue justice for every victim and pledged to reinforce security measures, ensuring that the full weight of the law is applied to perpetrators.

In response to the Governor’s resolute stance, the Vice Chairman of CAN in the state, Bishop Isaac Philip, and Galadima Muri Alhaji Abba Tukur expressed their support and commitment to the collective effort to restore peace and security in Taraba State.


Gov. Agbu Kefas Outlines Transformative Initiatives for Progress

Gov. Agbu Kefas Outlines Transformative Initiatives for Progress

His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas, has announced a series of groundbreaking initiatives aimed at transforming the state’s future. Speaking from the Exco Chamber at Government House Jalingo while interacting with Journalists, the Governor outlined his vision for the Kefas Palliative Market, improved education, and much more.

Affordable Food with the Kefas Palliative Market: In a move to ease the burden of rising food prices, Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas revealed plans to establish the Kefas Palliative Market. Here, essential food items will be available at more affordable prices.

Education as a Cornerstone: The Governor emphasized the importance of education as the foundation of a thriving society. To this end, he has implemented policies that provide free education for primary and secondary schools. This initiative aims to break down barriers to learning and empower future generations. Additionally, fees for higher institutions are set to be reduced by 50%, alleviating financial constraints for parents and guardians.

Welfare of Workers: Governor Kefas reiterated his commitment to ensuring the timely payment of salaries and pensions, guaranteeing a comfortable life for the people of Taraba.

Empowering the Youth: To engage and empower the youth, the Governor is working on providing incentives for NYSC members serving in the state, especially those who choose to teach in schools. Their skills and education can contribute significantly to the state’s development.

Security and Environmental Preservation: The Governor affirmed his dedication to prioritizing security and addressing security threats in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. Mining activities have been temporarily suspended to mitigate their impact on the environment and local communities.

Enhanced Healthcare Facilities: Healthcare is fundamental, and Dr. Agbu Kefas is committed to improving healthcare assets and facilities across the state. The goal is to ensure that quality medical care is accessible without the need for long-distance travel.

Unlocking Tourism Potential: Recognizing the potential of tourism as an investment, the Governor plans to open the doors to both local and international investors. He envisions Taraba State becoming a world-class tourism center, offering vast opportunities for growth and development.

Infrastructure Development: Basic infrastructure development is crucial for progress, and the Governor reaffirmed his commitment to enhancing robust electricity and other essential infrastructure to improve the lives of citizens. He pledged transparency and accountability in local government development efforts.

Aviation Training for Youth: Dr. Agbu Kefas announced plans to recruit and train youth in the state for aviation studies. Interested young individuals will soon have the opportunity to enroll in the College of Aviation Zaria for training to support the aviation sector in Taraba State.

The Governor answered questions from members of the press during the event, which was attended by key figures, including the Speaker of the Taraba State House of Assembly, the Deputy Speaker, the Chief of Staff, and other high-ranking government officials.