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Reasons Behind the Rescue Agenda

Reasons Behind the Rescue Agenda

Taraba State was created on August 29, 1991. This implies that it has been in existence for 24 years. Looking at the growth and development recorded over this period, one would easily come to the sad conclusion that the state suffered stunted growth and gross underdevelopment.

Several military regimes and democratic administrations have come and gone, personalities and teams have been enrolled to drive growth and development process. Unfortunately, the same potentials that were used by the proponents of the creation of Taraba State, to justify our eligibility, are still the ones that are repeated speech after speech as potentials 24 years later.

Some of these potentials include vast arable land, multiple climatic conditions suitable for various crops, all season large water bodies, tourism, solid minerals, and vibrant human resources. Not one of these has been fully developed into a viable economic enterprise or the human capital significantly empowered to sustain the state.

Considering the efforts and legacies that have been handed down by the past administrations, this administration has come on board with the axiom ‘RESCUE TARABA’ as the thrust to accelerate growth and development in order to make up for lost opportunities.

This administration has defined its vision, mission, and goals; as well as some approaches to attain the desired outcomes in the economic and social sectors, in addition to some cross-cutting sectors, which have been articulated here as the Rescue Agenda.