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Rescue Agenda on Tourism

Mambilla Plateau

We shall transform the Mambilla Plateau into a preferred tourism destination through development of sporting activities to attract international tournaments e.g. golf, long distance mountain marathon, and bicycle races, etc.; implore the federal government to revisit and revamp the high altitude training camp on Mambilla Plateau; facilitate the construction of hotels of international standard under public-private-partnership arrangement; encourage local and foreign investments to develop other supporting facilities and enterprises on the Mambilla Plateau; and provision of power, which is a critical infrastructure for the development of tourism on the Plateau. For the long term, the Mambilla Hydro-Power Project, which I facilitated as the Minister of State for Power, by raising the output from 2,600mw to 3,050mw through four huge Lakes on the Plateau, will serve as the major pillar.

Wild Life/National Park

We shall liaise and partner with the Federal Government and the private sector to turn the natural endowment of Gashaka – Gumti National Park and Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve into an international tourist attraction to generate employment, create wealth, and boost the economy of the state.

We shall collaborate with the Federal Government, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), and with other private organizations such as TY Foundation, to bring private investors into the management of Gashaka-Gumti National Park and the Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve, in order to scale-up the National Park Development initiative that I kick-started while I was the Supervising Minister of Environment.

Cultural Festivals and Natural Artifacts

The diverse cultures and traditions that offer a veritable tourism resource will be harnessed and enhanced; handicraft and artisanal works will be promoted; and the vicinity of fascinating rock formations, Nwonyo Fishing Festival, and historic sites, will be rehabilitated to boost tourism.

Kashimbila Hydro-Power Dam

The Kashimbila hydro-power dam presents another tourism opportunity with the large expanse of water body, the landscape, the magnificent edifice, uninterrupted power supply, and a Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) certified airstrip. We shall develop tourism-related activities around the dam.