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Rescue Watch


A Grassroots Matters Team has been put in place for each Local Government Area.

The Grassroots Matters Team shall interface with citizens of Taraba State at the grassroots level. Each Team is made up of a Special Adviser and two Senior Special Assistants/Special Assistants.

The Grassroots Matters Team shall be coordinated by the Special Adviser (Manifesto Implementation) who shall collate and consolidate their monthly Reports for submission to the Chief of Staff.

The Chief of Staff shall produce and submit Monthly briefs on the activities of the Team to the Governor.

The Team shall monitor implementation and impacts of government programmes at the grassroots (e.g. Youth Empowerment, Farm inputs distribution, etc) to ensure they reach citizens at the grassroots, and are making the required impact.

The Grassroots Matters Team shall carry out sustained periodic visits to state-owned facilities (schools, hospitals, ongoing projects, etc) for the purpose of good service  delivery/implementation by government officials and contractors.

Educate citizens at the grassroots on government programmes and obtain feedback on same.

On monthly basis, a Town Hall Meeting shall be organized in one electoral ward by each Local Government Grassroots Matters Team during which five representatives per polling unit shall meet and interact with the Team on government policies, programmes and service delivery.

Through the Ward Contact Persons the Grassroots Matters Teams shall be in close touch with happenings at the grassroots level that require government attention.


  • There shall be a monthly meeting of all Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants to be chaired by the Governor.
  • The Monthly meetings and Reports of the Grassroots and Revenue Monitoring Teams ‘Shall be thoroughly reviewed at the monthly meetings.
  • Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants in these teams shall be assessed on the basis of the content and quality of their reports.