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Our Vision, Mission, Purpose, Goal, Objective and Rescue Agenda


Taraba State of Nigeria has been in existence for 24 years and has been governed by both military administrators and civilian governors. Over this period, development efforts were deployed, which resulted in the ‘foundational legacies’ that exist.

They are foundational legacies because, compared to the abundant natural resources and other endowments in the State, the level of development should have surpassed this stage.

The socio-economic growth and development of Taraba State is apparently stunted because of some challenges of inadequate infrastructure, insufficient finance, moribund bureaucracy, a plethora of ethnoreligious interests, deep-seated rancour between the political class and the civil servants, widespread nepotism and proliferation of mediocrity, and an entrenched political polarization.

These major actors, together with other silent but salient issues, have held the socio-economic growth and development of Taraba State hostage.

The aforementioned situation gave birth to the Rescue Taraba 2015 Project and resulted in the development of this modest Rescue Agenda in order to guide the Rescue Team and our development partners.

Come and join me to Rescue Taraba State!

Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku FNIA

Executive Governor of Taraba State.


Our vision is to transform Taraba State into one of the top two leading vibrant economies in the North East Sub-region by 2025.


Our mission is to create and maintain an enabling environment conducive for the optimal participation and sustainable engagement of key stakeholders and partners, by developing a sensitive and responsible political class, a vibrant and purpose driven bureaucracy, a veritable resource base, and a robust broad-based economy.


The purpose of our Rescue Agenda is to restore Taraba State to a peaceful and secured state; to speedily unite the diverse people of Taraba State; and to urgently transform the state in order to guarantee its sovereignty and sustainability, and ensure the wellbeing of its citizens.


The goal of our Rescue Agenda is to unearth all economic natural resources and unlock every requisite human potential in Taraba State for an inclusive and accelerated socio-economic growth and development.


The overarching objective of our Rescue Agenda is to transform Taraba State in all its ramifications, viz: economically, socially, culturally, and politically, in order to accomplish the vision of being one of the top two leading vibrant economies in the North East Sub-region by 2025.


The Rescue Agenda is an outline of the areas that this administration will focus on to bring about the transformation of Taraba State. The Rescue Agenda will be accomplished through concerted strategic actions in the economic and social sectors, as well as the cross-cutting sectors.