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Women Empowerment

Women Development

We recognize the immense contribution of women in the development of the home in particular and the society at large.

Our administration will ensure that women are offered equal opportunities to contribute their quota in implementing the Rescue Agenda. In the same vein, the girl-child education will be given special attention to ensure that they are supported to become equal partners in the state.

Taraba women will be encouraged to vie for political positions in the State and beyond as well as considered equitably for appointments into management positions in this administration.

Also, the partnership with SMEDAN on entrepreneurship and enterprise development shall fully integrate women to help them set up cottage industries and small scale enterprise in preferred areas that will address their pressing needs.

Women Energy Security

We shall provide a clean stove and encourage the use of gas cookers and other alternative clean energy by women to enhance their health. Smoke emitted from firewood is highly harmful to the health of our hard working women during cooking. As Supervising Minister of Environment, I launched the Rural Women Energy Security (RUWES) programme. The programme entails provision and distribution of clean stoves to rural women to discourage the use firewood, which is harmful and one of the leading causes of deforestation. RUWES shall be considered, in partnership with the Federal Government, under the Rescue Agenda.


Environmental quality is critical to economic growth and development. We shall pursue economic activities with the consciousness of maintaining an acceptable standard of environmental quality under Rescue Agenda.

Urbanization generates large quantities of byproducts that accumulate waste and concentration of pollutants. Presently, the carrying capacity of the biosphere in Jalingo, the capital city, and other urban and semi-urban areas in Taraba State, is overwhelmed and results in the degradation of environmental quality and a decline in the aesthetics of these cities as the wellbeing of the inhabitants.

It is on this account that we shall engage the relevant government agencies to drive ‘Environmental Renewal and Development Initiative”, which will assess the level of environmental damage regarding erosion, degeneration, flooding, deterioration, waste pollution, etc., and design restoration, rejuvenation, and evacuation measures.

There is a wave of indiscriminate lumbering activities across the central and southern Senatorial Districts that have unquantifiable short, medium, and long-term negative consequences. This indiscriminate logging shall be stopped, and regulatory measures will be instated to ensure controlled felling. Also, deliberate production of tree seedlings, sales, replanting, and nurturing of choice species shall be obligated by legislation to guarantee sustainable environment.


Water Resources

Taraba State is endowed with natural water resources such as Rivers Benue, Donga, and Taraba; other sources include about 140 lakes and ponds. Together, the rivers, lakes, and ponds, provide about 500,000 hectares of water bodies. We shall harness these water bodies to provide portable water for human consumption, and for crop irrigation and fisheries, to enhance agriculture in the economic sector under the Rescue Agenda.